All You Need to Know Before Visiting Paris

Paris is one of those ultimate travel destinations that never ceases to amaze its visitors. Whether you are visiting it for the first time or the tenth time, you are sure to be overwhelmed with Parisian charm. The French capital will never disappoint you and you will always have another museum left to visit, a new cafe to be discovered or a new street to explore. 


That said, Paris is not on the list of cheap destinations to visit. It is one of the most expensive places both to visit and to live in. Now, there are two versions of Paris, the ideal one and the real one. If you are not prepared for your trip, there is even a chance that you might find the experience unfulfilling. 


For all its extravagances and allure, Paris is much more than the cliche list of things to do there. So here is an expert guide from a Parisian guide with all you need to know if you are keen to look for extremely cheap flights last minute to Paris. 

1. Visit During the Shoulder Seasons 

Visit During the Shoulder Seasons 

The best time to visit Paris is just before summer and when Autumn hits the streets. It is not because the city might be more affordable then, in fact, shoulder season would not make much difference in the prices there. 


April, May, September, and October are the months that offer the best weather too. In spring the entire city blooms up with the cherry blossoms, and in autumn, the vibrant colors cast a different spell on its mood. You will also find fewer queues to visit major attractions and get a more authentic feel of the city. 


Moreover, considering how the climate is changing and the hot flashes happening in summer, spring and autumn might soon become the peak seasons. So this might be the perfect window to look for very last minute flights in the upcoming months to Paris. 

2. Pick a Central Location to Stay 

Pick a Central Location to Stay 

A big part of how you experience Paris depends on where you stay. Try to stay within the 20 arrondissements of Paris. You can find accommodations on all kinds of the budget within Paris itself, from hostels to luxury hotels. Staying near the airport or in the suburbs is not recommended. Even if you have an early flight, if you stay within Paris, you should easily be able to get there in Metro or even catch an Uber. 


It is also best to book your accommodation well in advance. Where to stay in Paris depends on your personal preference and budget. 

3. Paris is Best Explored on Foot 

Paris is Best Explored on Foot 

Most of the European cities are best explored by rambling on the cobblestone streets. Paris is no different either. Even with the museums, monuments, and gardens, the best way to enjoy the city and gets its essence is only by walking. 


By doing this, you are more likely to come across hidden gems, interesting courtyards and beautiful streets you would have missed otherwise. If you do not have much time but still want to walk around, go for a walking tour from the many options the city offers. 

4. Eiffel Tower Might not Be What You Expect

Eiffel Tower Might not Be What You Expect

The word Paris resonates with Eiffel Tower. The first thing all of us want to do when we visit Paris is to see the Eiffel Tower. But in reality, it might not be as romantic as you expected, especially if you are getting its view from below. 


The best spot to see the most stunning view of Eiffel Tower is from Trocadero. If you want to check out the view without the crowd, you will have to be there as early as possible; it is especially beautiful at sunrise. 


Getting on top of the Eiffel Tower is more about saying that you did that, rather than actually getting to enjoy the view. After hours of waiting and amidst all the crowd, it might not even be a pleasant experience. In fact, you can get a panoramic view of the city with the Eiffel Tower in it from Sacre Coeur or plenty other spots in Paris. 

5. Use Public Transportation 

Use Public Transportation 

Paris is very well connected with public transportation. Actually, you have to take the Paris metro which is a travel experience by itself. It is fairly easy to get the directions, you can get a map from the tourist office or simply use Google Maps. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can either take individual tickets or opt to get a Navigo Pass. While on the subject, remember to keep the metro ticket throughout the journey as there might be checking once you get down. 


If you want to complete the experience, then try using the bus, rent a bike or even better, ride a Lime Scooter on the Parisian streets. 

6. Pack a Pair of Comfortable Shoes 

Pack a Pair of Comfortable Shoes 

Trust me on this, you are going to need your most comfortable shoes while you are in Paris. Even if you take cabs between places, if you visit a museum or any tourist attraction, you will find yourself walking for a minimum of one hour. 


Furthermore, you will encounter plenty of steps in metro stations, on pedestrian paths and everywhere else in Paris. 

7. Learn a bit of French 

Learn a bit of French 

Contrary to popular belief, French people are not entirely rude. All they expect is for you to show some courtesy and respect their ways while in their country. The first step to do that is by learning the basic phrases of French. Greet anyone you see with a "Bonjour" or "Bonsoir" and you are sure to get a greeting back with a warm smile. Using the words "sil vous plait" and "merci" could get you a long way ahead while in restaurants, shops, and cafes. 


Not everyone speaks English in France, even in Paris. So you might find it useful if you can brush up on those French lessons you ignored in high school. 

8. Paris is Much Beyond the City of Love 

Paris is Much Beyond the City of Love 

Though Paris is considered a romantic destination, there is so much more to the city than what meets the eye. So if you have been hesitating to look for cheap plane tickets to Paris if you are not romantically involved, better put that thought aside. Paris is more of a cultural destination, with plenty to do for all kinds of people. From museums to art, to book shops and cafes, from Disneyland to pubs, Paris is wonderful to visit with your partner or to visit solo. 

9. Try to Avoid August 

Try to Avoid August 

August is the month of summer vacations in Paris. So if you are looking on how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport for Paris in August, we suggest that you take a step back. Most of your favorite cafes, best restaurants, boulangerie, and other local services might be closed. The tourist attractions will certainly be open but you might be missing out on many other local aspects of Paris. 

10. Expect a Lot of Neutral Tones

Try to Avoid August 

Paris might be the fashion capital of the world but Parisians are not that obsessed with bright colors and fashion statements. You will notice that most of the locals wear neutral tones such as white, black, grey and blue that you might feel that you stand out if you wear any bright color. Sneakers are particularly famous among Parisians and will do you some good considering how much you will end up walking. If you are looking to blend in with locals, you might have to repack with monochromes and neutral outfits. 

11. About the Museums 

About the Museums 

Paris is home to more than a dozen museums. So if you have set your eyes on Louvre, well and good but do not limit yourself only to Louvre. From museums on vampires to contemporary art and many dedicated to famous artists like Musee Rodin and Renoir, there is much more to explore in the category of museums and other cultural places to see in Paris. 

12. Use your Student ID 

Use your Student ID 

While on the topic of tourist attractions, note that many attractions, museums, and monuments allow free or discounted entry to students. This could also extend to concessions while booking train tickets and other cards. So remember to bring your student Id card that is valid internationally and do not hesitate to ask for a discount. 

13. Beyond Paris 

Beyond Paris 

There are a few places just outside Paris that is well worth visiting. Versailles, Giverny, Chantilly are all among the best places fo day trips from Paris and offers a much different experience as well. It gives you a glimpse of the charm of the French countryside and would not be as crowded as the city bounds too. 


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