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Amsterdam Travel Tips.

Amsterdam City

Despite its edgy reputation, Amsterdam is rich with history and culture. A trip to Amsterdam is bound to leave any traveler ready for a return visit. Below are a few tips to make navigating this diverse city as flawless as possible. Before you start planning your trip to Amsterdam, don’t forget to book your very cheap international airline tickets to Amsterdam

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Bring Cash

Amsterdam isn’t very friendly for American credit cards. You will often find your card not compatible with the local machines and registers. Make sure to always carry cash, especially for some of the smaller local restaurants or shops. Luckily, ATMs are very accessible around the city.


Watch out for Bicyclists

Amsterdam is full of bicycles, in fact, according to a recent report, the city has more bicycles than residents. Be extremely aware of the fast-paced bicyclists that roam the city. Never walk in the bike lane, and make sure to look both ways on street corners.


Bring an Umbrella

Rainfall is common year-round in Amsterdam, even during the summer. While roaming the city it is always best to be prepared with an umbrella and rain jacket. You never know when a spontaneous rain shower could occur.


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