Best Things to do in Antalya Turkey

Turkey has many jewels in its crown. The historical landmarks, peculiar landscapes of the planet and some of the most astounding architecture man has made all has its roots in Turkey.

Antalya is still under the radar of upcoming tourist destinations, but the one that entered the scene with quite a splash. The Turquoise Coast of the Turkish Riviera encompasses a few cities, among with Antalya is the largest of the Mediterranean coastal cities. It was once considered merely a gateway to the Riviera but saw a stunning transformation into one of the most flourishing sea resort destinations in Turkey.

The jade waters embrace the Gulf of Antalya, and the forest forms a blanket to its background. The beauty is miraculous, with the landscape spread across waterfalls, canyons and a fascinating city nested among the Roman ruins. The Ottoman houses and the cliff top views to the harbor that dates back to the Roman empire, all come together to make the beautiful Antalya, Turkey.

Getting Around

Antalya shines at its best from April to December. The best time to visit Turkey also falls along the same months.

Antalya is well connected with public transportation itself. The network has shared minibuses or dolmuses, buses, and tramway.  While these are cheaper, it is also time-consuming and tiresome. Especially if you are carrying luggage, Antalya taxis might be the most convenient way. You can reserve them online for airport service or to various tourist destinations, and even venture outside the city limits.

So if we have enticed you with the descriptions, here are the best things to do in Antalya.


1. Kaleiçi, The Old Town

Kaleiçi, The Old Town

Like many cities in and around Europe, the old town is the star of Antalya Turkey also. The historic city center of Kaleiçi is adorned by architecture from the Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Roman eras. With the Roman harbor on the side, this part is the best spot in the city to set yourself up to explore the best of both the city and the sea vibes. The staggering red roof od the mansions, clock towers, minarets, mosques, and fortress gates ornate the roofline and entertain the guests with plenty of shops and restaurants on the streets.

Hadrian’s Gate is one of the most attractive sites in Kaleiçi. The gate is built of three arched marble gateways, decorated with intricate motifs and other patterns. It was erected in 130 A.D and stands proud as the last remaining entrance gate of the city walls. Yivli Minare situated near the Kale entrance gate is another site not to miss.


2. Termessos


The ancient city of Termessos once belonged to the Pisidians. Today, it is one of the most well-preserved ancient sites and often called Turkey’s Machu Picchu, owing partially for being situated at an elevation of 1000 meters from sea level. It sits atop the Gulluk Mountain Termessos National Park and has other popular sites like the ancient theatres, the colonnaded street, and the upper agora.  

The surrounding wilderness of the park adds more appeal to the ruins, making a vintage setting with the Taurus Mountain Range forming the scenery behind.


3. Aspendos


Aspendos is perfect for a day trip from Antalya. It is yet another ancient Roman city and has one of the best preserved Roman theatres of the world. Even if you keep aside the Turkish Riviera, it is definitely one of the greatest attractions of Turkey.

The best part is that the theatre is fully restored and even function as a venue for various events and concerts. It can seat 15,000 people; and also hosts the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival every year. However, the theatre still has many parts that are left in the ruined state, but that only increases the value of it.


4. Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park

Every city needs its green lungs. Karaalioglu Park is that relaxing space inside the that offers not just shade but also some of the most picturesque views of the cascading cliffs and the Gulf of Antalya. The Park also houses Roman monuments like the Hidirlik Tower and some stunning water features. Get a coffee from the nearby shop and ramble under the shade sipping your favorite beverage.

5. Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon

The Köprülü Canyon National Park has much to offer for the visitors of Antalya. There are certainly ruins scattered in the park, much like the other places in Antalya. Shadowing them are massive trees like Oak, Pine, and Cypress. The park also offers the opportunity for rafting adventures, and many Roman temples to explore. Amidst the ruins and the greenery, the Roman bridges of Oluk and Bugrum Bridge is a pleasant sight.


6. Düden Waterfalls

Düden Waterfalls

The Düden Waterfalls have two separate cascades at two levels, the upper and the lower. The Upper Falls is a wonderful spot surrounded by boardwalks, botanical garden and restaurants making it a suitable place for a picnic.  There is also an accessible natural cave, just behind the falls for amusement.


The Lower cascade of the falls is one of the largest in Europe itself. The cascade flows over the cliffs to the sea below. Take a boat, and you can see the falls much closer; the Düden Park is also nearby for relaxation.

7. Konyaalt? Beach & Lara Beach

Konyaalti Beach

The cliffs of the Beyda?lar? Mountains to the west form a stunning border to the beach of Konyaalti Beach. The Antalya Beach park is right by the beach with a line of restaurants, bars, and cafes. The park also offers spaces for showers and beach chair and other equipment for rent.


Lara Beach stands past the Lower Düden Waterfalls. It is a little far from the town but perfect for a serene getaway in the sands.


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