Extraordinarily Beautiful Private Islands

If you think all private islands are too expensive or exclusive, it is precisely why you should know more about them. Yes, it is true that they lean a bit to the luxurious side of things, but doesn't that make it sound exciting too. And you can never predict the future, in a few years, you might see yourself stretching out on a beach on one of these islands, sipping a cocktail and writing your own blog.

We know you are curious to find out which are the most luxurious and beautiful private islands of the world.

1. One & Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

One & Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

The Bahamas might look like a place where you want to go all out and be in the crowd, not to hide away in the comfort of seclusion. But take one look at this Four season resort of One&Only Ocean Club, and you would want to think twice.

The tropical island retreat has seen generations of families to book cheap flights to Bahamas or even private jets to return to spend their holidays here. It recently went for a serious upgrade and now has a really modern look with rectilinear pools, serene gardens, and an excellent spa.

2. Gladden, Belize

Gladden, Belize

A little too reclusive, but only more stunning, anybody who gets cheap flights to Belize to enjoy a visit to the Gladen would be mesmerized by its beauty. This island is all about the geography. With mangrove islets and the largest barrier reef of the western hemisphere, the island could be all you ever dreamed off. There is a single villa set near the ocean for the guests, and there is a second one tucked away from the staff.

3. Hayman Island, Australia

Hayman Island, Australia

Whitsundays is always a wonderful choice to spend holidays in if you book cheap flights to Australia. Hayman Island elevates the glory of Whitsundays and is much loved by families. With 16 contemporary suites surrounded by the unspoiled wilderness and the turquoise waters along with full-on  Bond-style transfer, the experience of a private island is truly complete here.

4. Calala Island, Nicaragua

Calala Island, Nicaragua

A pinch of Caribbean, a dash of central American and a smidgen of Bohemian style would sum up this private island of Calala in what is famously known as the NiCarribean. When a couple falls in love with their honeymoon spot, if they can afford it they would just buy it. That's what happened here also.

This secluded high-end retreat is designed by a local architect and uses sustainable materials. It is evident in the cool interiors, making it close to earth and where you feel so connected to the mother nature. There are four beach villas, all equipped with the island package, including seashell curtains and hammocks, beautiful palm trees, thatched roofs, and a bar.

5. Bawah island, Indonesia

Bawah island, Indonesia

If Bali seemed like a spectacular spot, then Bawah Island would blow your mind. This rich archipelago has strong environmental policies, so when you visit have the utmost respect for nature which we should actually be having all the time. You can hike through rainforests where you will be greeted by butterflies, explore the underwater world, and stay in one of the 35 villas among which 11 are stilted on water. If you want to dream about a perfect island destination, start checking for cheap flights to Indonesia to try your luck at Bawah Island.

6. Voavah, Maldives

Voavah, Maldives

When you think about island vacations, cheap flights to Maldives would be the first thought that comes to your mind. So imagine, in a place where everything is grand, how grander would be an entire private island. Four Seasons worked its charm here also; with seven bedrooms scattered over the 5-acre island, Voavah Maldives is a work of art.

The interiors would inspire you, the mirrors from Rajasthan, fishing baskets from Malaysia, teak benches from Java, etc. are a few of the elegant statements made here from all over the world. With a UNESCO World Biosphere reserve, Baa Atoll just nearby, there is no need to stress on the snorkeling possibilities here either.

7. Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island, Fiji

Richard Evanson bought this island over a whim, and unlike most of the luxurious private island designed by famous Architects, the initial structures in here were made by talented workers from the nearby villages. From what used to be 14 bures and rugged pathways, after many renovations, the island still holds its original essence.  

Now there are three villas in Turtle Island with each sustainable element carefully chosen, and the island still has many of its old features left. The villas are gorgeous with hardwood bed frames, huge windows flooding the space with natural light. However, it is not even a bit uncomfortable, The standards are modern and would meet all of your requirements. You might want to hurry and get cheap flights to Fiji to enjoy the Fijian hospitality.

8. Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi

Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi

The Emirates is not all about desserts, Abu Dhabi is home to more than 200 naturally occurring islands. Zaya Nurai was one among them when Nadia Zaal took it out to be one of the most luxurious islands in her imagination, and it had to manifest. With palm trees shipped over, the island has now transformed into a cozy island resort with five restaurants, 32 beach villas, and a gracious spa. Once here, it is pretty easy to forget that you are not in one of the Thai islands.

9. Isola Santa Cristina, Venice

Isola Santa Cristina, Venice

While you planned out booking cheap flights to Venice, you might have considered visiting Murano and Burano, but Venice has a gem of an island hidden 30 minutes away from the city. Owned by the Swarovski family, now the island Isola Santa Cristina has been opened as a private getaway and yoga retreat. The island is spotted with organic apricot, fig orchards, plum, vineyards and fish farms. It already sounds so amazing right. Then there is a nine bedroom villa which is equally astonishing as well.

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