The Most Beautiful Spots for Hiking in China

China is a gold mine of stunning landscapes that would please any traveler. From the Great Wall of China in the north to the Himalayas in the South, the country has many inspiring mountains that could take your breath away.

More than two-thirds of the country's land area is mountainous regions, and China is also fabled for having the 12 mountains that are above 8000 m among the world’s. So it goes without saying that there are many incredible spots for hiking.

For the daring, here are the best 8 trails for hiking in China.

1. Zhangjiajie


Zhangjiajie's mountains, with the illusions of the mountains suspended in the air, will undoubtedly give you some Avatar vibe. No surprise there, as the director himself was inspired by this to create the floating mountains of Pandora in his movie.

The Zhangjiajie National Park is vast and is right at the heart of China. To cover the entire park, it takes days and serious commitment. But the effort would seem totally worth when you find yourself in surrounded by the awe-inspiring landscapes dotted with beautiful streams and rumble of the forest.

2. The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Without question, the mighty Great Wall of China is the most endearing attraction of China.  Varying from easy to challenging, you can choose any section of the wall to treat yourself. The other thing to consider is the appeal of the section; how breathtaking it is.

Weighing all this is, the Jinshanling section, a couple of hours from Beijing, has enough of the rustic beauty of the wall and is not crowded as much as the ones closer to the capital. The section also has a few elements to add to its charm; the 31 watch towers and the surrounding scenery of the Lesser Jinshan ranges are a few to start with.

Are you curious about the secrets of the Great Wall? Read about them here.

3. Longjing Tea Terraces

Longjing Tea Terraces

There is nothing more refreshing that rambling between the tea leaves while the slow mist envelopes you breathing in the scented fresh air. The tea terraces of Longjing is not only about its picturesque scenes. A peak also gives you a glimpse of the local culture; the women wearing yellow hats while plucking tea leaves to protect themselves from the harsh sun rays.

The tea terraces might not offer a hard hike for the serious ones, but for those who love a leisure hike, this is the choice to be immersed in the green.  The Longjing village is a bustling place with tea shops, locals prepping up the tea leaves and women going for work in the hills. The National Tea Museum is yet another interesting site to know more about the history of tea.


4. Yellow Mountains

Huangshan Mountains

The Huangshan Mountains or the famous Yellow Mountains China has inspired many Chinese ink paintings. According to the Chinese, there are four things that characterize these mountains;  the dramatic granite peaks, the wind-carved pines, the hot springs and the magnificent sky above that.

The name came from the history when the Emperor Li Longji thought that the Yellow Emperor was immortalized here and hence changed the name from Blank Mountain to Yellow Mountain.

One of the Unesco World Heritage Site in China, the Huangshan mountains have seen thousands of people trekking. The paths are paved and have safety rails, and depending on the weather the challenge could vary.

The easier way to reach the peak is to go by cable cars, and it makes way for an incredible journey cloaked in mist.

5. Huashan


If you search “Mount Huashan” on the internet, the results that come up could terrify you. The hike up the Huashan trail is described as the most dangerous hikes in the world itself.

While you take the slow steps in the narrowest of wooden planks that are holding up the path, it is only a surprise if you are not scared to death. You might even wonder, why would anyone try to do this. So this one is exclusively for the bravest of the bravest.

But the breathtaking view makes it worthwhile for everyone. You will literally be up above the clouds walking through the stairway to heaven, and if you let go of the fear, you would enjoy this as the most memorable experience of your life.

6. Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge

The gargling murmurs of the river below will push you to take one step as the other, and you do give up to the questionable expressions on the faces of locals ready to offer you their donkeys to mount. As a reward to your determination, the path flattens, and the glory of one of the most beautiful hikes in China kicks in with a rush.

After the first 28 dreadful bends, the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail is relatively flat. The entire hike would take two days to complete. Once you reach the halfway point, the Yangtze river diminishes, and the peaks seem closer.

7. Tianmen


Tianmen welcomes you to take a walk along the sky deck, with the glass floor and the ground thousands of feet below. The adventurous hike also has some peculiar features to make this interesting.

Starting with the sky deck and the longest cable car in the world, there are even escalators in the mountain, and the Tianmen cave is a wonderful sight not to miss.


8. Emeishan

Mount Emei

The golden statue of Samantabhadra stands atop Mount Emei, one of the four holy mountains in China. The mountain is frequently visited by pilgrims, carrying baskets of soil on their backs.

The hike is thus a very spiritual experience too. The mountain is dotted with temples and small steamy waterfalls. Located outside of Chengdu, Emeishan is in the heart of China. Travelers could also stay in one of the temples in the mountain, and also has buses and cable cars as alternatives to hiking.

The mountains in China are stunning, embedded with tales from over the centuries. The high landscapes consequently are the best places to visit in China. Book your cheap flights to China with FareDepot, today. The upcoming months are the best to visit, and the international flights are selling out soon. Grab the best deals before we run out.