The Most Exclusive of the Best Airport Lounges in the World

A good airport lounge can make all the difference in a flight journey. Now the best first class airlines are competing with each other to offer the best services to its customers. The overall flight experience provided by first class airlines begins at the airport.

The airline credit cards open the door to an alternate world of airline lounges inside the airports. With them comes the elite status and access to the most exclusive areas of an airport. Cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Platinum Card from American Express also comes with many different amenities even outside the airport.

If you are looking to climb up the ladder of airport exclusivity, these are the best airport lounges in the world.

1. Air France La Premiere Lounge At Paris (CDG) Terminal 2E

Air France La Premiere Lounge At Paris (CDG) Terminal 2E

A flight ticket in the La Première first class of Air France could cost you $10,000 or more, or  400,000 Flying Blue Miles. But it is not just money that can get you a seat in this, you also need to have elite status with Air France to get in. You can save up the miles from any of the partner rewards of Flying Blue, and that includes access to the La Première Lounge at CDG.

As a first-class flyer, you would be greeted at the special entry for La Première passengers. From there itself, your bags would be whisked away, and all you need to do is relax when the escort guides you to the priority screening.

The lounge is modern and eclectic with a red and white palette, a variety of scattered seats and an excellent bar. There is a semi-private work area, a small library, and HDTVs all around displaying flight information and entertainment.

The lounge menu is created by world renowned Chef Alain Ducasse. The luxury extends to the sleeping area, shower suites and even a Biologique Recherche spa. First class passengers are offered a complimentary 20-minute massage of facial here, and you can pay extra for other treatments. From there, you are chauffeured directly to the plane in a dedicated car when it is time to board.

How to get in:
You can either get in by flying Air France La Première or can pay for your entry. The second option is possible only if you have a valid business class ticket on an Air France or Delta flight with no La Première cabin available. You would be charged 150 euros or 20,000 Flying Blue miles for arrival and double the amount for departure or layovers.

2. British Airways Concorde Room At London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5

British Airways Concorde Room At London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5

The Concorde Room at Terminal 5 London screams opulence in every way. This is the top tier of the lounge network that BA offers, that is located only at Heathrow and New York JFK.

The LHR one is the airline's flagship, and the interior is inspiring in a whole different way. You will find yourself in space that reminds you of Versaille with jewel tones, fireplaces, and crystal chandeliers. The dining room has private booths and the dishes are just exquisite.

Then there are the private cabanas with ensuite bathrooms and day bed for taking a nap. The access also offers a free 15-minute Elemis Spa treatment.

How to get in: Fly in a British Airways first class, and you can bring a guest too (conditions applied). If it is with a card, you need to be a Gold member of BA Executive Club or has 5000 Tier Points. You will be granted a Concorde Room Card that gives you and your guest access to other Concorde Room Lounges too.


3. Etihad Residence Lounge At Abu Dhabi (AUH) Terminal 3

Etihad Residence Lounge At Abu Dhabi (AUH) Terminal 3

The Etihad Residence is an epitome of luxury first class airlines. So it is only fair that the airport lounges matches the extravagance provided on the flight. The Etihad Residence Lounge is located at the hub of the airline at AUH. There are two Residence Lounges, and a private elevator leads you to the first class one.

Starting with bespoke leather sofas, armchairs and wall mounted TVs, the theme of the apartment is reflected here also. There is a dining table set for four, a mini bar with fruits and a coffee and tea counter near that.

You are likely to discuss your own personalized menu with the Executive Chef. Being in Abu Dhabi, the lounge also has a private prayer room with ensuite bathroom luxurious in its own way.

Just like the flight, here you will have your butler. He would be at your beck and call, and whether you need a haircut or a spa, he is your man. Once it is time for departure, you will be taken in a golf cart to the flight where you will be introduced to your in-flight butler.


4. Lufthansa First Class Terminal At Frankfurt (FRA), Germany

Lufthansa First Class Terminal At Frankfurt (FRA), Germany

Even though all you need is Lufthansa’s top-tier status to get into this one, the lounge is simply too stunning to exclude from this list. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal is a separate terminal away from the main airport and is primarily for departing flights. With its own check-in and screening, you are already over the most exhausting task of boarding a flight. All you need to do is to hand over the passport and boarding passes to enter into this little heaven of an airport lounge.

The seating areas are numerous and with excellent views of the tarmac. The dining includes both buffet and à la carte menus. The bar is exquisite and expensive, with a surprisingly enormous collection of bottled waters and a separate smoking lounge.

The rest areas include two nap rooms, two shower suites, and a bathtub suite. When you are all set to board, You will be chauffeured in a Mercedes or a Porsche to the plane directly.

How to get in: The terminal is open to passengers traveling in First class in Lufthansa or SWISS flight or the elite members of HON Circle. You need to have 600,000 Circle miles to be eligible to use your HON Card.

5. Singapore Airlines Private Room Location: Singapore Changi (SIN) Terminal 3

Singapore Airlines Private Room Location: Singapore Changi (SIN) Terminal 3

The glory of Singapore Airlines has reached worldwide. Now the airport has also been named the best airport in the world consecutively for the 6th year. So for such an airport, that fabulous, the first class lounge of the national carrier has to be extraordinary.

Just by the name, you can guess how exclusive this lounge is. The Private Room is a part of the KrisFlyer lounges in Terminal 3 in the airport. To get there, you have to pass through the business class and first class lounges first.

The Private Room resembles a living room with excellent services. There are several seating areas, private areas, shower suites, and a family room. For the dining area, they have a full-service buffet and à la carte selections.

How to get in: You will be given access if you are flying in Singapore Suites on first Class in Singapore Airlines.


6. SWISS First Lounge At  Zurich (ZRH) Terminal E

SWISS First Lounge At  Zurich (ZRH) Terminal E

The Swiss have a way of making everything look a little more elegant. With strong inspiring from its German sister Airline, the Swiss First lounge also has exceptionally high-quality service and amenities in the Zurich Airport.

With almost 4000 sq ft area of terrace alone dedicated to plane watching and work suites, the SWISS First Lounge has many areas that could make your lounge experience better, An à la carte restaurant and a conference room are all a part of the lounge including a casual American diner and a wine corridor.

Then there is an entire difference section of hotel rooms, with beds and ensuite bathrooms where even a long layover could be made into an enjoyable stay. The first class lounge also offers its own priority checkpoint and a limousine service too.

How to get in:
A valid flight ticket in the first class of a SWISS or Lufthansa flight could get you into this lounge. Alternatively, you can be one of the Miles & More HON Circle elite members to get an access.

7. VIP Rooms Star Alliance Lounge At Los Angeles (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal

VIP Rooms Star Alliance Lounge At Los Angeles (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal

The entry to the VIP  rooms in the Star Alliance Lounge would make you feel like you are entering a highly secured area. First, you have to pass through the business-class lounge. Then you get the access code to the locked door of the first class lounge. Then from there, if you have been designated as VIP, you would be able to get one of the VIP rooms available to the special guests.

There is nothing especially grand about them, but they are incredibly comfortable. There are a few lounging areas with entertainment, but you will have to get out to the common areas to eat or drink.

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