11 Best Bars Los Angeles Has to Offer

best bars los angeles

As with almost everything in Los Angeles, choosing a bar to visit can be overwhelming. A group of bartenders is mixing techniques with extravagant ingredients and local produce, making a name for the Angeleno cocktails. There are some praiseworthy brewpubs, being that it is California – and we could not leave out the classic Hollywood places either. No matter what your preference is, we have put together some of the best bars Los Angeles has to offer.


1. Accomplice LA

Although at Accomplice, the drinks are serious, the atmosphere is far from being buttoned up. Asian ingredients are used for the cocktails, adding them to popular ingredients such as “whiskey and sour,” prepared with whiskey, amaretto, aquafaba, sesame, and ginger. And if you are hungry, you can make an order from Little Fatty, the Taiwanese-inspired partner restaurant next door, and you will get the food at your table immediately. It has a modern style of adopting classic dishes such as General Tso’s cauliflower and squid ink soup dumplings.) It is an ideal place for a night of casual dating or for catching up with friends.


2. Broken Shaker

The city of Los Angeles is one filled with rooftops. This has a large pool with neon floats, spectacular downtown views, and 2 tiki-inspired bars, and DJs on weekends. The drink menu offers riffs on tiki classics with spirits which are Angeleno-friendly such as tequila and mescal, but waiters can also prepare drinks based on your personal taste as well. Simply make a reservation and bring together your friends at a table in the pool area, or stop by the roof for a drink with a date you are trying to impress.


3. Sotto Los Angeles

Sotto Los Angeles

This Italian-themed intimate bar at one of the most sumptuous Italian restaurants is ideal for night dates, or for a casual meeting with friends. This Sotto LA restaurant has had one of the most sought for bar programs in Los Angeles for years, and alcoholics will love its wide selection of Italian amaros which are hard to find, as well as seasonal cocktails. Also, do not skip house-made pizzas and pastas, all prepared using local ingredients.


4. Tiki-Ti Los Angeles

This old little dusty tiki den is as corny as it seems. It is a kaleidoscope of Polynesian paraphernalia. The bar staff are quite passionate about tiki fans who are diehards of the genre, so be prepared for drunken zombies, daiquiris, grogs, and mai tais – the gang's all here. Just ensure to keep up because these drinks are much known to make the morning less productive.


5. Everson Royce Bar Los Angeles

This is one corner bar you’ll want your neighborhood to have. The interior is large, with banquettes to sit on, but it would be smart to go to the bocce court in the Edison lighted courtyard. There is a huge selection of wines and beer, but the main focus is on spirits, such as Japanese whiskeys and barrel cocktails. If you wish to leave the script and challenge the waiters to prepare something according to your taste, you will not be disappointed. Do not miss the globally inspired bar bites Mozza’s Matt Molina (such as the diner type burger).


6. Musso and Frank Grill Los Angeles

Musso and Frank Grill Los Angeles

With their red leather banquettes and mahogany bar, Musso and Frank have an air of the old Hollywood swagger world. Regulars (as well as young locals who are looking to travel in time) come here for a perfect martini, served up, generously poured with a sidecar for enjoyment all through the evening. And it would be negligent not ordering a rib-eye steak, perfectly prepared on an open fire. It is an ideal place to sort and glide into a time when white tablecloths were reigning and servers buttoned up.


7. Rosaline LA

A visit to this lively restaurant is as good as being seen as exploring Peruvian cuisine and same for the bar. The spacious and bright interior-exterior space is heated by Birchwood and live elements and filled with light all through, creating a sunny and beachy California environment. Pisco sour is about the best version that can be found in the northern hemisphere, and there is a reverence for classics such as vodka martini – Rosaline serves one of the city’s best.


8. Walker Inn Los Angeles

This is a romantic underground bar, dimly lit with a soft focus spotlight on the waiters while stirring the drinks. (Enter the back of the club through a secret door.) The bar staff is attentive, interactive, and knowledgeable, especially if you’re making reservations for the omakase cocktail taste menu. Be on the lookout for pop-ups, when the talent of bartenders from around the globe takes over.


9. The Varnish Los Angeles

The Varnish Los Angeles

There’s an unmarked door that leads to The Varnish LA on the back of the legendary Cole’s. It’s about the first to revive the movement of speakeasy classic cocktails in LA. The room is filled with well-dressed chefs. It is a must for everyone who wants to get an introduction at the local bar scene.


10. Gracias Madre Los Angeles

Here in Gracias Madre LA, you will get some of the tastiest vegan foods in a city which does vegan better than others. For maximum satisfaction, the best strategy is ordering food that is already mainly vegan with less re-engineering – think enchiladas with mole, sopes, and guacamole. Of course, the cheese is cashew cream, but it is properly deep and rich in flavor. Also, Mezcal is vegan. As soon as you realize this, somehow it feels virtuous ordering from the extensive list of the agave-heavy cocktail.


11. Mikkeller Bar Los Angeles

Mikkeller Bar Los Angeles

The extensive and industrial gastropub Mikkeller has impressive design features. It is one of the biggest gastropubs on the West Coast with a drinks menu that combines, with fifty two esoteric, microbrews which are tough to find on a rotating seasonal tap.


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