10 Top Airlines with the Best Economy Class

Not all of us are lucky to be able to afford the luxury of business class lounges and champagne on board. To be honest, flight travel to the majority means sitting back on their economy seats and hoping that the leg won’t cramp up during the journey.

Although considering the massive rise in the number of passengers choosing to travel by air than land, the competition has been getting stronger and healthier among airlines. Most of them have been revamping their economy class seats to provide travelers with the best value for what they are paying.

So, there are the best 10 top airlines that can make you very happy for your budget travel with the best economy class comfort.

1. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand might have caught your eye with their cheesy and funny safety videos. What you might not know is that they also have a very roomy coach cabin. The seats are 30-33 inches pitch with a very good range of entertainment options. The food is equally good. They also provide the option for you to upgrade to the SkyCouch sleeping platform on specific routes. That certainly sounds good for long flights.

2. Emirates


Emirates has always kept the bar high when it comes to comfort. While you wouldn't exactly consider Emirates one among the budget airlines, what they offer for the price is fairly good for economy class. Especially with many long-distance flights, Emirates has a few tips in its sleeve to make the journey pleasant. Emirates A380s have some of the best economy class seats with a 32 inches seat pitch. These also come with a great entertainment screen and a small amount of free Wifi. The standard baggage allowed is 30 kg per person for most of the routes. The flights attend also go way out of their way to make you as relaxed as possible especially with the food and drinks.

3. JetBlue


JetBlue is one of the best economy class airline that combines the best of full service and budget travel. Their economy class has probably the most spacious seats with a 32-34 inch pitch. On a few flights, you would even receive free food, drinks, and snacks. But is the best thing is not all these?  On board, you have free Wifi and without a limit. And you know what that means, Netflix definitely takes over the standard airline entertainment.

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines boasts of the best in their business class. But they have also extended their comfort elements to the economy making it one of the best airlines to fly in economy. You can expect impeccable service on board, and if you ask you could even get free blankets and socks. The seats come with a pitch of 31 to 33 inch and have a really comfy headrest, which would actually make you get rid of the neck pillow. The only drawback would be the width of the seats, as it might be a bit narrow for your taste. The luggage allowance being 30 kgs is a bonus too. Unquestionably, Singapore Airlines offer a terrific budget travel deal.

5. Qantas


Qantas has come a long way from cramped coach cabins in the last decade. Their economy class now reflects what budget travelers are seeking for. With a 20 to 33-inch seat pitch, the seats are not that bad to sit in. The food is certainly good, and the perk is that you can select your own meal via the Qantas App before you board the flight. If you ask politely, you can even get an extra glass of beer and wine.

6. Etihad


Etihad also aims for high standards like its competitor Emirates. So the services and comfort are more or less on the same range. Consider this one of the budget travel tips, as Etihad is not widely known if you are looking for Emirates flight search the same route in Etihad too. The seats are similar with a 31-inch pitch, narrow but there is good leg space for you to stretch. The flight attendants offer top-notch services, and their cappuccino might be all the drink you need when flying.

7. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

For traveling inside Asia, Japan Airlines is the best cheap airlines and an obvious option. They have a surprisingly roomy cabin for a budget airline. Now, you can definitely foresee the benefits of Japanese Hospitality, and that will impress you even if the grey interior doesn't make you feel pleasant. Japanese Airlines have their own food stylists for economy cabins, which makes cute little bento box lunches on the flight. When its Japanese, you can't have entertainment that doesn't include anime and snacks that represents Japan's taste.

8. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Economy makes every penny worth with the extra legroom they offer. The seat pitch is rather decent at 31 inches, and it comes with an excellent package of flight food. The seat arrangements are 2-4-2 which would remind you of the premium economy making it more appealing for couples who would like a little space to themselves. Their entertainment might be a bit disappointing, and unless you are into Cantonese cinema, you better have some back up to keep you occupied.

9. Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines is best airlines to fly on the economy under even a small budget. They cover a wide range of destinations with insanely cheap flights. If you are looking to get to Europe, then this one is the airline for your budget travel. Their Dreamliner is designed to reduce jet lag with windows that darken and seats with a 31-inch pitch. We know there are a few who loves playing around with Google Maps and Norwegian Airlines has added that also to the list of entertainment. Be sure to add a bag to your ticket or else you might be charged extra at check-in.

10. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is the second best option to travel economy inside America after the JetBlue. If you travel on 737, you will be welcomed with leather seats with a 32-35 inch pitch. It is definitely a budget carrier so the food might not be extravagant and amenities not so fancy. Seatback TVs are not available, but you can download an app that gives you access to entertainment on board.

So now you know all about which airlines to choose for your next travel. All you have left to do is to book your very cheap international flights on FareDepot. Search, select and pay for the cheap airfare you will ever come across with us, and you will not be disappointed.