The Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2019 (Part 2)

The key to a great honeymoon is the right balance between getting enough privacy, seclusion and still to be in the middle of all the liveliness. Having enough options of activities to do and places to visit makes the honeymoon trips filled with excitement and adventure.

Our list of the beautiful destinations for honeymoons isn't over yet. Whether it is for the love of beaches or mountains, these are the best places to start your new journey. Continuing from our previous article, let us see which other countries have made to the best honeymoon destinations.

10. Comporta Portugal

Comporta Portugal

Want a classy American touch to a European honeymoon? Known as the “the Hamptons of Portugal,” Comporta is home to many high profile names like Jacques Grange and Christian Louboutin. If they have homes there, this place would definitely have something exclusive right. Revel in the privacy of the luxurious beachside rentals here. It is a very discreet place to honeymoon in Portugal that would get you all the freedom in the world to be with your partner without getting bombarded by tourists. Find your cheap flights to Portugal to splurge on the luxury resorts here.

11. Palawan Philippines

Palawan Philippines

Another haven for the beach lovers are the coastlines of Philippines. Cheap flights to Palawan Philippines are in order if you love the tropical weather and blue beaches of this island. Spend your honeymoon diving, surfing, kayaking and spend evenings in the arm of your partner on a beach campfire or dancing in the clubs of Puerto Princesa. There is also wilderness to be explored close to the Subterranean River National Park.

12. New Zealand

New Zealand

Fanatic Hobbit fan? Get your cheap flights to New Zealand already. Sporting sorts and photographers equally love this country for its panoramic views and abundant adventure options. New Zealand is warm and welcoming with is emerald lakes and snowy peaks. Whatever your interest is, you will have something to do there which makes honeymoon in New Zealand an excellent choice without having to compromise.

13. Croatia


Wondering why you should honeymoon in Croatia? The answer lies in Game of Thrones. The Roman ruins and the stone castles still have its allure. Side it with few towering waterfalls and landscape of national parks; you will find never wanting to leave this country. If you are looking to have a more lively scene, go to one of their touristy cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The best part of all this is very affordable making it easy to get your cheap flights to Croatia.

14. Willamette Valley Oregon

Willamette Valley Oregon

The wine stories of America doesn't start and end with napa valley. Book your cheap flights to Oregon to spend few days in the spectacular vineyards of Willamette Valley. You have 200 wineries to choose from across a 150-mile stretch. But it is not just wineries that honeymoon in Oregon can offer you. There are many National parks, cascades of waterfalls, and long drives you can take to enjoy the scenery and weather too. When it comes to having romantic dinners, you can have all the wine in the world paired with handcrafted cheeses and beautiful dishes made from local produce.

15. Japan


Honeymoon in Japan in the spring season will shower you with spring blossoms. Newlyweds actually fly out to Japan to get the perfect pictures under the blooming trees. But don't put Japan only into the spring category. Getting cheap flights to Japan is an excellent idea for any season of the year. Head out to Tokyo for a colorful city experience with ramen and shopping, go to Kyoto for a zen vibe with its temples and shrines and see the beauty of Japanese gardens for a picture perfect honeymoon. Add a spa day to finish off your trip.

16. Iceland


Iceland is racing its way on to the top of many travel lists. Now this beautiful country is proving out to be one of the best places for  your honeymoon too. You don't even have to stay in a hotel; you can rent out a car and spend the night camping in a beautiful mountain staring at the northern lights to make your honeymoon a genuinely unforgettable trip of your life. Swim in the hot lagoons and visit the glaciers to throw in a little bit of adventure.

17. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Newlyweds have been confirming on their cheap flights to Bora Bora for honeymoon for years now and with good reason. The lush coral reefs and turquoise lagoons shine brightly alongside the white sand beaches. You can also set out on honeymoon in Bora Bora on a cruise where you will get the special honeymoon packages. On land, you can enjoy walking in the capital, shopping in the vibrant markets, visit the culture rich museums and of course eating the delicious fresh seafood. A honeymoon here is like a dream; you can lounge in one of the luxurious destinations and have romantic candlelight dinners by the sea.

18. Jeju Island South Korea

Jeju Island South KoreaSouth Korea might not come into many minds as one of the best honeymoon destinations. But trust us, this small island in the Korean Coast is a beloved spot for a honeymoon. The Loveland Theme Park in Jeju city will show why. With many erotic sculptures, this theme park is one of a kind in the world. If you overlook the tacky, Jeju Island is a stunning place with blissful beaches and waterfalls. You will also find very fine spa treatments to leave the island all feeling fresh.

It is crazy enough to plan your wedding. After that, you might not have the energy and time to get your honeymoon right too. It is much easier to get a honeymoon package that also comes tailor-made to include your favorite activities and requests.

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