Airports with Best Layover Tours

Layovers are tiring, frustrating and an absolute waste of time. The only good thing that might come of it is the few bucks that you can save and a chance to stretch your legs.

Keeping this in mind, airports try their best to offer distractions and entertainments for in-transit passengers. From movie theatres to gardens, top airports in the world has come up with innovative ideas to take away the boredom during flight layovers.

One such idea that got popular is to offer airport tours for passengers during a layover. For those who haven't visited the particular city already, it is indeed an excellent opportunity to explore the places.

Now before you consider signing up for any tours, there are a few things you need to know.


First and foremost, double and triple check for the time duration you have to arrive back at the airport on time.

Check whether you need another visa to enter the country. A few countries require for specific transit visas for you to spend layovers outside the airport.

Check for any other extra costs like entry fees for tourist attractions that you might have to pay during the tour.

Carry food for the tour; your best shot is to get something from the airport itself.

Check whether you need any extra documents to provide while signing up for the tour.

Find out whether there is storage for the luggage or whether you can take it with you on tour.


If you can work around all the details and still have time to get a tour, see where you should take the layover next time.

1. Singapore Changi Airport at Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport

There is more than enough to see inside the Singapore Changi itself that you might not even get the chance to get on the tour offered by the airport. There is plenty to see on a quick visit in Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay waterfront are all included in the tour. There are two tours you can choose from, and they run for up to 6 times a day.

Time needed in transit: 5 to 6 hours.

Where to FInd: Available in Terminal 2 and 3 near Transfer Lounge F and A.

Tour Schedules: 2 Tours, City Tour, and the Heritage Tour

2. Incheon International Airport at Seoul, South Korea

Incheon International Airport at Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, you can choose from 8 different tours that include the city’s different cultural aspects. Palaces like Gyeongbokgung Palace, historic temples and even see the North Korean border could be covered during the Incheon Airport tours. There is a $10 charge on fees.

Time needed in transit: 1.5 hours and more.

Where to Find: You can register online for the Seoul Airport Tours or at the Transit Tour Desks in front of Gate 25,29,41 and 42.

Tour Schedule: There are 8 different tours with both morning and afternoon departures. The duration also varies so you can choose from a shorter or longer one.


3. Taoyuan Intl Airport at Taipei Taiwan

Taoyuan Intl Airport at Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the destinations where the best is hidden in the interior. However, if you get a chance, there is no harm in stepping out of the Taipei Airport to get a view of the landscape, the charming old streets and try the delicious food.

Time needed in transit: Minimum 7 hours

Where to Find: Register at the Tourist Service Centre at the Airport Lobby of Terminal 1 and 2. The service is also available to book online.

Tour Schedule: A morning and afternoon tour to choose from. Check the website for further details.

4. Tokyo Narita Airport at Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Airport

Japan is another destination that needs to be explored on its own, with considerable time and dedication. But the capital can show you a whole another side of Japanese urban lifestyle. The layover tour offered at Tokyo Airport gets you to the ancient temples, the neon city and the museums of the capital. The tour requires you to pay for any public transport or entry costs included.

Time needed in transit: Minimum 5 hours

Where to Find: Register at the Narita Transit Tourism Counter at Terminal 1 and 2. The desk is open only from 9 am to 12 pm.

Tour Schedule: there are 8 tours to choose from a variety including temples, walks, and shopping.


5. Ataturk Intl Airport at Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Airlines

Istanbul is a hotspot for colorful vacations. While there, it is impossible to miss the architectural highlights. Fortunately, the best tours here cover the Blue Mosque, the incredible and Covered Bazar. Hippodrome Square and many more.

The only hiccup for you to take part in these tours though. You have to fly with Turkish Airlines and are required to have a transit visa.

Time needed in transit: Minimum 6 hours

Where to Find: Register at the Hotel Desk at International Arrival Hall. You can find it next to the customs control near Starbucks.

Tour Schedule: There are 5 tours covering different highlights. There are tours every day from morning till evening.


6. Doha International Airport at Doha, Qatar

Qatar Airways

Doha, the capital of Qatar, has all the good things a city can offer; a fantastic skyline, gleaming waters and futuristic architecture. Take transit tours offered by Qatar Airways of the traditional Islamic art and architecture, the cultural centers and the souqs filled with aromas.

Time needed in transit: Minimum 6 hours

Where to Find: Register at the Discover Qatar Tours desk in the transit area near Concourse B.

Tour Schedule: There are tours running six times a day. Remember that the museum of Islamic Art is closed on Tuesdays while you plan the layover tour.


7. Salt Lake City International Airport at Salt Lake City, Utah

International Airport at Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City’s Temple Square is one of the most marvelous sights in the state. If you get a chance to have a layover in the airport. Grab it and make a visit to the square.

Time needed in transit: 2 hours

Where to Find: Register at the Airport Information desk in Terminal 1 and 2.

Tour Schedule: Tours run every other hour between 11 am to 4 pm.

It is not always that you have pleasant layovers. Most times, you are too tired to take the effort to even get on a tour. But plan the trip wisely, choose your layover time and sneak in that extra city tour.

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