10 Best Movie Destinations in Europe

The charm of the cobblestoned streets and Juliet balconies have enticed not only travelers but some of the best creative minds too. As we have seen the golden Lost Generation vouch by, these artists have taken inspiration from the architecture, art and the mere way of living to cultivate an era of literary masterpieces.


Europe has then formed the perfect stage to host some of the magnificent movies too. From romantic comedies to thrillers, we have all gazed at love unfold, been chased on the streets and have fallen in love with many breathtaking frames on the big screens. 


So for those seeking a bit more than the usual, here is a list of some epic movie locations in Europe known for both its natural beauty and its iconic shots. 

1. Sicily, Italy: The Godfather

Sicily, Italy: The Godfather

Maria Puzo had certainly some strong inspiration from the real-life mafia stories of the notorious mafia in Sicily. When the book became a movie, it was inevitable that the region will play a key role on screen too. The famous Corleone family has its roots set in the Sicilian town of Corleone. However, in the film, many of the impressive shots were taken from Savoca. 


Sicily, even without the movie to build it up, is a stunningly beautiful place that everyone has to visit in Italy. It is famous for its rich art and heritage, its ostentatious villas, palaces, cathedrals, and lovely mountainous beauty. Even if you are not a Godfather Fan, the place will not fail to charm you. If you want to see more movie locations, you can also find Godfather tours there. 

2. Lake Como, Reggia di Caserta : Star Wars

Reggia di Caserta

Planet Naboo isn’t as far as you would think. The Star Wars prequel trilogy was filmed in many locations all over the world. But the sets created at Lake Como and Reggia di Caserta have indeed caught the attention of many, The beautiful Villa del Balbianello overlooks Lake Como from the tip of Dosso d’Avedo. The villa was the wedding venue of Anakin and Padmé. 


Another striking location is the Royal Palace of Caserta which served as the Royal Palace of Planet Naboo. The Palace is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage SItes in Italy. 

3. Salzburg, Austria: The Sound of Music


Salzburg is a stunning city in Austria. Its fairy tale setting has attracted many artists to the region. The castle in the old town area with the towering mountains behind is much familiar to those who have seen The Sound of Music. In fact, the movie is based on the real-life story of the Trapp family who became an international success in the United States.


There are many locations that hosted the outdoor scenes in the movie like the Mirabell Gardens, Schloss Leopoldskron, and Felsenreitschule. The tourism there based on the movie is huge and you will find many themed dinners, bicycle tours, and performances based on the movie. Either way, the beauty of the city is worth looking for cheap plane tickets to Salzburg

4. Skiathos and Skopelos Islands : Mamma Mia


The marvelous musical of Mamma Mia still continues to be one of the impressive movies ever. The Greek Islands, though always a popular summer destination, was made even more famous by the breathtaking shots from the movie. With the recent prologue of the same movie, it is time we look back into how beautiful the whole setting was. 


Skiathos, the small northwestern island in the Aegean sea, features the white sand beaches we come across in many scenes in the movie. The island might not be as luxurious as Santorini or Mykonos, but if you are looking for a romantic getaway and is a fan of the movie, then Skiathos is a place to visit. 

5. Amsterdam: The Fault in Our Stars


This John Green best selling novel has won the hearts of many. When it became a movie, it got worldwide attention for the storyline and for some of its memorable scenes too. When Hazel and Augustus set out to fulfill the dream in Amsterdam, the movie takes us through many iconic locations in the city. But surprisingly, the scenes in Anne Frank’s House were shot in a set as the attic is not open to the visitors. Other landmarks we see are Leidsegracht, Rijksmuseum and of course, walks by the canals. 

6. Görlitz: The Grand Budapest Hotel 


Unfortunately, the Grand Budapest Hotel is only fabrications of the movie masterminds. However, you can visit the amazing city of Görlitz that started hosting films since the 1950s. But with the Grand Budapest Hotel, the city has gained global recognition with its medieval streets, Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture. The interior scenes of the hotel lobby were filmed at the Görlitz Department Store, but it is not open for public today. However, Görlitz is still an old charming city German CIty to enjoy a perfect holiday. 

7. Prague: Mission Impossible 


The old town of Prague has always been a favorite filming set of Hollywood. Among many, the scenes from Mission Impossible stands out. The National Museum was turned into the U.S Embassy in Prague in the movie and to the lobby of the Grand Venetian Hotel in James Bond’s Casino Royale, we have seen many faces of the museum in many ways. 


Kampa Island in Prague is also featured in many movies, including the famous Charles Bridge that we come across in many shots. As one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, no surprise that the country will continue to invite visitors to explore more. 

8. Berlin: Captain America Civil War 


Some of the most important scenes of this famous movie were filmed in locations in Germany. Massedamm and ICC Conference Centre in Berlin have also doubled as Bucharest in Romania which was never a filming location. The 15-minute fighting scene between Avengers was filmed at Leipzig-Halle Airport.

9. Oxford University: Harry Potter

Oxford University

Though currently not a part of Europe, Harry Potter has many scenes shot in the iconic locations of Oxford University. From the very first movie, we see many forbidden corridor and library scenes shot in the hallways and the Duke Humfrey’s library. The Tudor Great Dining Hall inspired the settings of great Hogwarts dining hall and the cloisters of the Christ Church appears in many frames too. 

10. Croatia: Game of Thrones


Well, not exactly a movie, but Game of Thrones is worth every penny to go on this list. Though the season has seen many episodes shot in many locations in Europe, the one that makes the most appearances is Croatia. Dubrovnik Old Town became King’s Landing, while the Klis Fortress and the Diocletian’s Palace served as locations in the city of Mereen. Game of Thrones has certainly increased the glamour quotient of Croatia. 


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