The Best Party Cities in The World (Part 1)

Party cities don't just limit to pools and pints. For any usual get together to turn into an epic party, you need the right amount of excitement and thrill. In that criteria, we have a few cities here where even stepping out to the street will make you buzz with energy.

From having spooky basement parties to fabulous rooftops and pavements good enough to let you walk home without your shoes on, these are the best party cities in the world.


Cancun, Mexico: Not just for Beach Parties

cancun party nightclub

This little piece of heaven in Mexico mostly owes his hype to the aqua blue waters and wide white beaches. When you have decided to visit the place and booked your cheap flights to Cancun Mexico, take a walk along the shore to the west to reach what the locals call the ‘Zona Hotelera’ or popularly the “Party Zone”. It is not just about just getting drunk, and there are many clubs to put your salsa shoes on and even bring your kids to.

This sliver of the Cancun coast has party clubs that stay open till the sun comes up. Especially during the first two weeks of March which is the time of Spring Break in the US, most of the clubs have free for all for entry and booze. If you want to mingle with the young crowd, then this would be the best time. For a more chilled version plan a trip during the months of June to September.

Best of the clubs: CocoBongo Cancun is one of the classics and hence will always have a long queue to get in. You can expect anything from a trance to hip-hop or even foam parties inside. The City Discotheque is the biggest one in Latin America, so there is no need to explain why it is worth visiting.

Best of the Bars: The Blue Gecko Cantina has the best deals on liquor and the best of Mexican- American food.


Amsterdam, Netherlands: I Amsterdamnnnn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is no need to stress on the fact that Amsterdam is the party destination of Europe. While during the day, the city’s beautiful canals and cafes make a very pretty picture, at night the city transforms into an eclectic blend of nightclubs that hosts some of the most popular DJ shows. Music centers like  Sugar Factory, Paradiso, and Melkweg attract a lot of crowd with up and coming bands. The Dam Square and the old area of Jordan are quite famous for its nightlife. Even better, you can get Amsterdam Nightlife tickets that include entry to bars and pubs and even an Uber to drop you back to the hotel. Get your cheap flights to Amsterdam and get this package that is valid for a whole week of partying.

Best of the Clubs: Inside an old school building, De School Amsterdam is a club, an exhibition space, and even a lecture theatre at times. But don't take this for a geeky get together place, It is enough fun to get lost in. Located in the basement of A’DAM Tower, Shelter is a popular one with a very diverse crowd.

Best of the Bars: Cafe Sound Garden has been thriving and serving the best beers and ambiance since the 90s. Located right next to the canal, this one is pleasant even during the day.


New York City, New York, USA: There is nothing that can't Happen in New York…

New York City clubbing

New York City clubs and Bars, as the many sitcoms have shown us are very legendary. Let it be for the overflowing choices from high-class cocktail bars or tacky basement bars, the nightlife in NYC is quite electrifying.

The city had started its strike even before the concept of nightclubs were popular. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, New York was the trendsetter with each generation passing on its unique bartending skills and secret recipes. The culture has now created some very exclusive night clubs which you can attend only by invitation. At the same time, if you book cheap flights to New York City, you will never be short of clubs to go to in NYC whether in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Best of the Clubs: House of Yes is where you should go and just say “yes” to everything they offer. With outrageous performance that includes artists flying over you and the funky attires around you on the dance floor, will all give you an experience that will stay vivid in your memories.

Best of the Bars: The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog is just like its name; amusing and confusing. Yet in the middle of all that, you will be having super fun time dancing and chatting up with the Irish-American bartenders who are geniuses in creating magic cocktails.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: Part it up the Southern Way

New Orleans clubbing

Parting in New Orleans is a mix of fantastic music, a classic setting and a feeling of euphoria. The Bourbon street with all its mightiness has taken over the nightlife with cheap beer and hippy atmosphere. But if you take a turn to the French Quarters the slow tunes of age-old Jazz and the secret doorways of the underground is an entirely different world. The Carnival season from January to February end is another buzzing time to visit New Orleans for partying.

Best of the Clubs: The clubs are mostly traditional with good Jazz and good beer. Maison has stayed classic with live Jazz performances and great food. It is a busy place, so reservations come recommended.

Best of the Bars: With every bar and club having music, Ye Olde Original DungeonIf has a little bit different setup. Amidst the metal music and raging gothic ambiance, you might run into a vampire or two.


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