The Best Party Cities in The World (Part 2)

Some of the world’s popular destinations also boast incredible nightlife. Whether you a stag party, girls night or even just a weekend getaway, these cities are high on the list with “happening” nights. Here is the second part (continuing from Part 1) of the best party cities in the world that you should go to next.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Salsa, Samba and Copa, Copacabana

rio de janeiro clubbing

Olympics is not just the only thing that put Rio on the map. This Brazilian city has been entertaining the party crowd for many years. Famous for the Carnival, celebrated since 1723, the art of partying in Rio is much more traditional and more blended into the daily lives. Even if you book cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro in the offseason, you will find many Salsa and samba clubs high and running until dawn on the Copacabana beach.

Rio is also famous for its strong LGBTQI community, so whatever your interest is you will find a company there. Dancing is a very significant element of clubbing here, which you will notice at The Week International with its massive dance floor of a 22,000-square foot.

Best of the Clubs: For an authentic Rio art clubbing experience, go for a show by the amazing founders of Cirque du Soleil at the “Heart”. Located in the Gran Hotel, the clubs give you a psychedelic effect as soon as you step in.

On the other hand, The Palaphita Gavea is a real gem that is often underratedTravelersrs usually miss this unless they go in search of it. Located right across the Brazilian Jockey Club, this one might come off as a sports lounge rather than a nightclub.

Best of the Bars: Bip Bip has gained a massive following amongst the travel crowd. It is where you can enjoy live music and the simplicity of a local bar that spills on to the pavement.

Go to Sunset Ashram, whereas the name suggests, you will get the best view of a beautiful dusk. The ambiance is just right, not too shabby or serene and flawless service.

Berlin, Germany: Go Underground

berlin party city clubbing

Berlin's nightlife has a bit of everything; modern ambiance, fun elements, and social involvement. There are so many clubs, but it doesn't make getting into all of them easy. Berlin’s nightclubs might have the toughest auditioning, so try to be dressed well, and not like a frat boy fully drunk and know what is the event that's happening inside. If you have a friend, who speaks German then even better. So before you book cheap flights to Berlin, take some time to rekindle the old college German friendships.

Best of the Clubs: The best of Berlin’s clubs are found in the neighborhood of Puschkinallee. Clubs like Chalet and Club der Visionaere are among the most popular once. For high-end techno scene, there is Berghain, but it is getting increasingly difficult to get into that one. Berghain is the most popular of Berlin, where if you get in, you can feel that you have crossed the biggest hurdle.

Best of the Bars: Luzia is one of the popular pre-club bars. The rustic setting with dim lights is the perfect place to warm up with drinks or cocktails for your busy night ahead.

Newton Bar is more of the gentlemen's club lounge with plush leather and oak tables. You can also have a little more intimacy upstairs in private cabins and smoke away from the Cuban cigars.

Tel Aviv, Israel: A Coastal Paradise

tel aviv clubbing

There is no bad time to visit Tel Aviv. Even during winter, when the temperature drops to 14°C, the city is still pleasant, and there are enough clubs to keep you warm. That is probably why the city is gaining popularity as “the city that never sleeps”. This Mediterranean city is a mix of American clubs and European pubs and has a lot of diversity in its mix.

Classy, posh rooftop bars like Speakeasy sees a lot of crowd from the city's residents itself whereas clubs like Kuli Alma is more of an exhibition space and open-air courtyard club with singing and dancing.

Best of the Clubs: The Breakfast Club with its famous DJs spinning rave and EDM, and Beit Hapsanter with its multi-style neighborhood pub vibe are worth checking out. But if you are booking cheap flights to Tel Aviv for partying do not miss the big shots like Pasaz, Hamisrad, and The Block.

Best of the Bars: Lucifer with its quaint and moody interior with classy and elegant drinks, Sputnik near Rothschild and Teder. Fm are other favorite spots to hang out with friends and pizza.


Bangkok, Thailand: Exotic Experiences

bangkok clubbing

The capital city of Thailand is famous for its vigorous nightlife. And when we say nightlife, we don't just mean partying. The city has energetic streets selling delicious and fresh seafood, and massage clubs open throughout the night and ultra-modern clubs where even business deals are made. If you are a traveler visiting the city, you would be overwhelmed with the energy at night especially in the Royal City Avenue in Huai Khwang district. The neon lights, alluring clubs and enticing ladies all make an outstanding appeal. If you are booking cheap flights to Bangkok, you will be mesmerized by what the city puts up in front of you for entertainment.

Best of the Clubs: Sukhumvit has the infamous SIng SIng Theatre that runs with the theme of 1930s Bangkok club version. Imagine dark red lights and well-dressed crowds would take us back to the prohibition era in the US.

Best of the Bars: The mythical and legendary Wong’s Place that stays open till 2 am where you can drink down an entire night with great music in the background. The Speakeasy rooftop rules the skyline in Bangkok also and if you are looking for a bit more Asian touch, check out the Bamboo bar at Mandarin Oriental.


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