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Best Pizza Places in Naples

Pizza Places in Naples

Have you been dreaming of taking a bite out of Naples? This beautiful city is known for its historic castles, rich wines, and decadent desserts. But let’s be honest, the pizza alone is worth the trip. Check out some of our favorite pizza spots in Naples. And don’t forget to book your very low fare air tickets to Naples today! 


Very low fare air tickets to Naples and best pizza places

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

If you’re looking for authentic pizza look no further then L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, located in the heart of Naples, this historic pizzeria represents generations of pizza gurus. This historic pizzeria truly understands the art of pizza making.  


Pizzeria Di Matteo


Family owned and operated, Pizzeria di Matteo is ideal if you want to grab a quick slice on the go. There is seating available on the second floor if you prefer to sit and relax. But, we recommend utilizing the convenient takeaway window, where you can grab a slice and continue to enjoy the city, pizza in hand.


Pizzeria Brandi

Known for literally being the creator of the Margherita pizza, Margherita pizza fans will not be disappointed with a visit to Pizzeria Brandi. See where the famed Margherita pizza came to life at this local gem!


Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Naples


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