Forget Your Ex with These Best Places to Travel Single! (Part 1)

So you are heartbroken. Or you are just so mad at your ex that you want to burn their house down (with or without them inside). Under any situation, a break up is tough; it doesn't matter if you are being quiet about it or bad mouthing your ex to others.

Well, we don't need to know the details of your relationship to see that you need time to get over it. Whether it was good or bad, you deserve some time on your own to get away from the familiarity. So if you are going to whine over it, why not do it someplace fabulous?

From the hearts and experiences of travelers who have got dumped, these places are definitely trendy enough for you feel happy to be single again. Take your doomed heart to visit the splendid architecture, art or even indulge in the local cuisine; which is definitely better than binge-watching shows and filling on cheeseburgers. At least you will surely have some Instagram worthy pictures to show off to the whole world by the end of it.

Check out our options for travel spots for you to marvel at being single. Don’t just leave after reading this one, and there are three more parts with the long list of beautiful destinations for you.

Cognac, France

cognac franceYes, the very same land of the distillery is a top choice for your heart heeling too. For a moment let us put aside the whole aspect of liquor, and focus on the beauty of  Cognac France. Just a four-hour train ride from Paris, the place welcomes you with its beautiful landscape dotted with vineyards.

Once you have found your cheap flights to France, don’t forget to get a reservation at the Hôtel François. Chill at their cocktail lounge, Bar Louise, which is claimed to be one of the best bars in Europe.

Once there, you have to check out at least one of the many tasting tours offered by the distilleries. Visiting Hennessey is a must, to indulge in their informative journey through their rich history. You can also visit the Chateau Royal de Cognac, for a private tour of the old castle and to know more about the century-old cognac houses. You don’t even have to be an expert to enjoy these tours. WIth the beauty and the booze, there is no heartbreak that Cognac can’t heal.

Everglades City, Florida

Everglades City, Florida

You don’t always need crowded bars and loud music to convince yourself you are happy being single. Sometimes, being is a less flashy space and figuring out your thoughts can do you a lot more rushing over moving on.

And Everglades City is one solution with many options for your single days. A very small town located in the southeast of Naples, Everglades City Florida is known as the gateway to Ten Thousand Islands.

This small town has the perfect balance of liveliness and tranquility for you to go back and forth during your “mourning period.” Go to the Big Cypress National Preserve and hike up till you forget your worries, or go on a boat ride through the beautiful mangroves to wonder why you were sad in the first place.

It is a place where people come to escape, and you will surely find someone there to chat with over a beer, going through the same thing as you. If the timing is right, in February, there is also the Everglades Seafood Festival and what better than soulful seafood to cheer you up?

If you need more, you always have the beaches nearby. To reach this charming town, all you have to do is book your cheap flights to Florida and rent a car. A long drive of 4 hours, through the Florida landscape, will give you just enough time to clear your head too.


Get On the Road

Get On the Road trip

If you had been putting off a road trip for a while, post break up would be a perfect time to get behind the wheel. If you are alone, you will have the whole car to yourself to scream with Metallica or sing along to sad Taylor Swift songs. If you do it with friends, well, you don't have to be told, how a fun-filled road trip is all you need to blow away your worries.

Now that we have established what a good idea to go on the road is, we are going to tell you where to go. California is obviously the best last stop. With its beaches and glam, it is just a matter of days before you forget your ex.

Lay on the beach with a book and who knows you might even meet your love of the life, there. Or if not, you always have mountains to hike, sunsets to watch and boutiques to go on a shopping spree. By the end of the days, you still have the starry nights to go along with your breakup playlist.

If its San Francisco, you will find many fellow single travelers to mingle with. You can spend your days surfing the waves and hitting up the cafes. And for the mighty Los Angeles is there to welcome you with open arms. The palm trees and the Hollywood air has been home to many broken hearts both onscreen and offscreen. Also considering it as home to the hottest singles in the country, you will surely find a place there, or the east you will find someone to help you lick your wounds at least for a short while. Hit their clubs and party till you drop, and you will surely be able to get over any bad memories. As a bonus, dine in the countries’ most extravagant restaurants too.

Our list of best places to travel single doesn't end here. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our adventure as we reveal the next best places to travel single! And when you finally have decided on where to go, find your international flights at FareDepot. A break up will need quick remedies; our last minute flights deals will make it much easier for you to grab a flight quickly.