Forget Your Ex with These Best Places to Travel Single! (Part 3)

While a heartbreak is inevitable for most, when and if it happens, why not turn it into something better? When life gives you lemons, there are places where you can be while making lemonades.

Glad you’re still here with us on this epic journey as we explore the best places to forget your ex (continuing from Part 2). After all, traveling should be fun, and there are no better places to travel to when you’re single than what we have here on our list!

A Korean spa

korean spa

Good day, bad day or an average day, there is no sore muscle that a Korean Spa cant heal (heart has muscles right).

A break up is the right time to work for the body you have been not taking care of. Most tend to hit the gym and work out till you have a killer body that would make your ex feel they made a big mistake. While you work hard, your body will also need a little bit of pampering.

You can easily find a Korean Spa in many cities around you, where for a very reasonable price, you get to go to an entirely different soothing realm in the magical saunas. While there, do not leave without getting a Korean scrub for your skin. After losing the first layer of skin, you would be craving for some bibimbap (crispy rice and vegetables). Pair it with a glass of wine, and you will attain the zen.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

People have romanticised Tuscany way too much. But don't let that be an obstacle to get your cheap flights to Italy. Instead, take a food pilgrimage to Tuscany Italy. Believe it or not, Italian carbs have proven abilities to be mood enhancers (now you see why you love pizza). Get your hunger mode on and try out the avocado ravioli and load on carbs without feeling guilty.

Your days in Tuscany might also be a good time to learn a few traditional recipes, and you can easily find cooking classes in wineries and that are offered by locals. Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano are all nearby and can easily be covered on day trips.

Take a day trip to Venchi to get your hands on the creamy gelatos and go to Chianti Country to settle with a book. On lazy days, go to the Bagno Vignoni ’s free village hot spring and visit the island of Giglio. With its alluring charm and lyrical landscapes, you will be taken to one of the Woody Allen sets in real life.

As a bonus, taking this trip when you are single, will only give you the confidence to approach those Italian men and women for a drink (or more). Tuscany is the best place for you to get your camera, take a million beautiful pictures and forget all about your other life back home.



Peru is a top one on many “places to visit “ list of many. So that heartbreak might give you extra inspiration to pack your bags and climb that Machu Picchu.

This land of mysteries and aged culture will give you a fantastic cultural shock that you immediately get pulled into its web. A trip to this land will be one for physical, mental and moral transformations.

Once you reach, start by trying out Ayahuasca to cleanse yourself. The belief is that this ancient medicinal blend extracted from Amazonian vines does magic to your brain, putting aside the ego and making way for progressive thinking. Some call it “ five years of therapy in one night.” So what better way to let go of your demons and reform yourself.

For the next out of the body experience, strengthen your willpower to touch the peaks of Machu Picchu Peru. The journey is much more than the destination in this case. The feeling of achievement that you get once you are on top is unexplainable. Yet another attraction is the rare and beautiful wildlife in forests. You have to take a trip to the jungle (with guidance ) and spend a few blissful days or at least moments to take in and realize how small our problems are.

Peru also has a strong culinary history.  Their markets and cuisine are equally colorful. Peru’s cities are also undergoing some serious transformation. When you leave, your bleak painful memories will be replaced by the vivid Peruvian colors.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Beach, tacos, and tan - these words should be enough to entice you to take a Mexican trip. The Mexican port town of Puerto Escondido has just the right amount of everything for you to have a rebound fling. Get your cheap flights to Mexico and this beach town will greet you with tanned hard bodies, beach waves and yummy avocado toasts.  

Also, this one is a surprisingly cheap option. You can treat yourself at a three-star resort at a very affordable rate. Even if you are not looking for a heartthrob among the beach bodies, find yourself a spot and enjoy the tropical weather with a local mezcal in hand. You can rent out a bike and explore the town and the hidden beaches, or participate in the many water sports or even go for dolphin or turtle viewing.

Let us not even get started on Mexican food. But still, try out the ceviche at Costenito, or the local Oaxacan specialties made by the lovely Tlayuda lady near the Oxxo convenience store.

After this vacation, at least you will have a beach tanned body to show off and maybe one or two spicy stories too.

So now, aren't you actually feeling a little happy. Because or else you wouldn't have come across this article and would not have seriously considered traveling to all these places. Before you decide on, do not forget to read pour last part of this article.

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