Forget Your Ex with These Best Places to Travel Single! (Part 4)

Traveling is a great way to make memories and forget worries. Even though both are an inevitable part of our lives, we need time and space to look back at those memories with a smile. A break up can definitely affect your well being. So for your own sake, you need to do whatever you have to do to help yourself through the process.

Going through the set of our travel spots for you to move on from your relationship, here is the last part of our article following from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Little things make up a relationship. But in the aftermath of it, there might still be a few little things that you might hold close to your heart; a keychain, a card or even a tiny locket. You can't just throw it away or keep it with you without causing pain. That is where The Museum of Broken Relationships comes into play.

This cultural organization accepts all the remnants of your relationship as a donation.  From the many broken hearts across the world, they have collected more than enough to showcase the exhibit. The main two permanent museums of the institution are at Los Angeles, California, and Zagreb, Croatia. But they also often put up traveling exhibitions.

So even if you do not want to donate anything, it is okay to visit the museum. It gives you the feeling that you are not entirely alone in this and some people had to part with their loved ones in the worst ways. Each display has a personal note from the owner. Few might make you smile while few might make you shed a tear for all the lost love. But in the end, it is worth to find peace.

The Beaches of Maine

The Beaches of Maine

Beaches have seen a lot of romance but also a lot of hotties. There are few beaches in Maine that might be the ideal remedy for your pain. The state is stunning with its rocky coastline and beautiful lighthouses. You will never be short of things to do on the coasts of Maine.

Ogunquit , Maine is translated as “ a beautiful place by the sea,” and it is absolutely heavenly! Without any doubt, it is one of the best Maine beaches. With its sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches, it is just the perfect spot for you to wash away your sadness. Plus, they sell crustaceans by the pound there!

Take a stroll along the Marginal Way meandering along the sea, head out to the Perkin Cove and enjoy a quiet corner ta the Footbridge beach. There are also plenty of beachside cafes and restaurants for you to savor the seafood. Barnacle Billy’s is quite famous as a group joint where you can spend time with a local brew and a lobster roll. In the afternoons, you can enjoy the shows at the Ogunquit Playhouse or could go fishing for the blue lobster.

The Crescent State Beach Park at Cape Elizabeth is famous for its gentle surfs and hot lifeguards On a pleasant day, and you can find happiness in little things like kite flying. If you are looking for a beach where you can get lost in the crowd, then go to the Old Orchard Beach. There are a beachside amusement park and a famous historical pier on the seaside. Ride the Ferris wheel and roller coasters and forget what a break up feels like. So get on one of the cheap flights to Maine, choose a beach on the map and ride to the sunset.

Go on a Cruise

Go on a Cruise

An ocean can cure you in many ways. If their shores didn't help you, set out on a cruise. If you want, you can cut off yourself from the rest of the world in the middle of the waters and give you some time to unwind.

The point of this cruise is to enjoy the journey of it rather than the destination. Start your journey to the middle of endless waters with some alluring novels like “The Girl in Cabin 10”. Search it, and you will know why. Have a little adventure and fight few fears. Spending days or even weeks on a ship, even with the company will help you look at your life on land with a new perspective. And you will definitely make new friends on the cruise. For your heart, look for a cruise with all single people, and you might not regret having a break up after all.

If you are considering destinations, Alaska is a good one; the beautiful landscape will instantly make you forget anything else in your life and just gaze at the sheer beauty of it. And the wifi on board will require you to pay, and it is not that cheap. So you won't have to worry about spending too much time stalking your ex on the internet. If all goes well, you wouldn't have to do it anyway.


Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

Are you a beach lover or a mountain hiker one? Either way, you can work off all that extra anger and frustration at Santa Barbara. Book cheap flights to California, because a timeout here means a pretty good vacation.

Starting with the beaches, East Beach and Hendry’s are our favorites. Brunch at the Boathouse with your feet in the sand or powdered clam wharf at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company or indulge in the art of wine drinking at the Deep Sea Wine Tasting Room.

The town also holds so many fun elements. There is the Funk Zone with more than 20 tasting rooms at the Urban Wine Trail or go drink up your beer mugs at the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

And when you are drunk enough for days, go to the Inspiration Point to relish the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. You can get totally artsy up there in the middle of sculptures made by the hikers by assembling rocks. If you want to level out the funk with a little bit more of art, go for a visit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and State Street’s local arts and crafts. The latter conducts crafts and art fair every Sunday. The Mission Santa Barbara is yet another historical monument that you can visit, as a tourist or as someone seeking solace.

There are also many bookstores, vintage piano stores, and many splendid restaurants for you to try out. Santa Barbara with its charm and energy will make you forget why you went there in the first place.



Spending a few days in the quiet of serene of a beach will positively influence your mind and thoughts. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everything else, choose to book your cheap flights to Bermuda. You can reach Bermuda in just 2 hours from New York City.

This paradise is apt for a solo beach vacation. Cancun is where you will find all the college students fooling around. Unless you are fine with being hit on, you might want to stay away from the crowd. Or else, it could be an instant mood booster too.

The British Overseas territory of  Bermuda has a total number of 34 beaches. So if not Cancun, you do have a plethora of other opportunities to have a photo shoot at the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay with just your phone, explore the coves along the coast or even meditate on a quiet spot.

But Bermuda is not just about beaches. There are historic churches, art centers, and Gombey dancers to divert you. You could spend a day climbing the lighthouse at the Gibbs’ Hill,  hike up the Fort Scaur, check out the sea life at the Bermuda Aquarium and even spend days watching sunsets at the Gates Bay. For the curious ones, you can go in search of the secret of the Bermuda Triangle too.

The turquoise blue waters are enough a distraction for you in Bermuda. If you love the color of oceans, you can spend hours staring at the magnificence of it. Meanwhile, you can contemplate your life and choices before you head back to have a fresh start.

So post break up travel is actually becoming a trend these days. The fitness-obsessed millennials have ditched the ideas of binge eating and break up ice creams and are finding ways to use the sadness into cultivating something more motivational. That is in a way a fabulous move to embrace your life with all its positives and negatives.

So if you are going through that stage in your life, don't just sit back, Netflix and cry. Pack your bags and go out for the next adventure of your life. Even if you are not able to entirely move on, you still would have made a pretty good vacation out of it.


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