7 Best Places to See the Northern Lights

Aurora or the Northern Lights are one of the most magical creations of nature. One might be truly lucky to see them in their lifetime. While a few live in places where these lights could be seen, there are those who travel from the other corner of the world just to get a glimpse of this wonderful phenomenon.

If you are among the latter, who is in search of the best place to see northern lights, you are in the right place. But remember, it is not just the location that could assure you of the sightings. The perfect weather, the best time to see northern lights and a clear dark sky without the moon often hold the key to see the sky’s glory.

So here is where to see the northern lights.

1. Iceland


When to visit: August to April

Iceland’s beauty is breathtaking whether it comes with northern lights or not. On any normal day, there are enough mountains, glaciers, lakes, and volcanoes that could get your adrenaline rushing. It is equally calming and adventurous at the same time.

The country is also one of the best places to see the northern lights Iceland. There are numerous spots from where you can get a sight of the lights if you book cheap flights to Iceland. The Kirkjufell mountain, the Grotta LightHouse and at times, even in suburbs of Reykjavík can offer you a show.

2. Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, Norway

When to visit: September to March

Tromso Norway is the largest urban area of the country’s north. Being only 217 miles from the Arctic Circle and the moderate temperatures of Gulf Stream, the chances of you seeing the aurora here if you cheap flights to Norway are pretty high.

The region has magnificent fjords and the spectacular Lyngen Alps. You can see the lights in and around the region including the village of Ersfjordbotn. The other probable places in Norway are the northern towns of Kirkenes, Alta, and Nordkapp.

3. Sweden


When to visit: September to March

Every year, hundreds get on cheap flights to Sweden to watch the northern lights. The northern town of Kiruna houses world-class resorts that welcome guests to explore the surrounding landscape including the Abisko National Park and make friends with reindeers.

There are good spots nearby to watch aurora just a few mile drive away. The village of Jukkasjärvi and the Torne Valley also entertain travelers who seek out auroras. Closer to the Swedish Lapland, there are the small villages of Porjus and Laponia, where with minimal light pollution, the lights are quite amazing.

4. Finland


When to visit: September to March

The Lapland region of Finland is known as the winter destination throughout the world. It is not just the snow-covered trees and sleighs that are beautiful here if you book cheap flights to Finland, you are also in some fair luck to see the sky glow.

Rovaniemi is one of the best spots in the entire world to see northern lights. Here you could see it for even 150 times a year. Kemi is another town, famous for its glass villas to watch the lights.

If you want to head to the mountains and be closer to the sky, Saariselkä is an excellent choice in Finland, with Ivalo, a small town just close to it.

5. Canada


When to visit: November to April

The flat landscape and clear nights of Yellowknife will give you a chance of 90% to see northern lights if you board on cheap flights to Canada. Positioned directly under auroral oval, it is the most popular Aurora destination in Canada.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park, an isolated area close to the Yukon border is another prominent region in British Columbia to watch the lights. The view of the lights reflected on the Muncho Lake is a mesmerizing sight indeed.

Churchill knows as the polar bear capital, is also known for its northern light viewing. Here, it is said that you can view the lights for even 300 times a year. The other places in Canada to see northern lights are Northern Saskatchewan, Battle Harbour, Dawson City, and Torngat Mountains National Park.

6. Alaska


When to Visit: Late August to mid-April

If you are looking for northern lights, don’t wait around to get cheap flights to Alaska, because there are plenty of places here that could offer you a viewing.

Fairbanks Alaska is the most famous spot here. Close to the international airport and only two degrees below the Arctic, it is unquestionably the best place in the US to see the aurora magic.

Coldfoot is another place in the Alaskan Arctic for the viewing. Once a gold mining settlement, now there are a few lodges and resorts here to house travelers that come to watch the northern lights.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Barrow are the other places to note if Alaska is your destination for the northern lights.

7. Greenland


When to Visit: Mid-August to late April

When you are in the Arctic, the chances of seeing the northern lights are way up. You might even wonder whether the country got its name from the green lights up in the sky. In Greenland, the odds are often favorable to see the beautiful auroras in almost all parts.

Just to let you know, you can see the Aurora in the southern regions too. They are called southern lights and are not as common as the northern ones. In the southern horizon, Tasmania in Australia and parts of New Zealand are the most luckiest to get to witness the magic in the sky.

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