19 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe (Part 1)

19 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe (Part 1)

Traveling to Europe is a dream for many people. Whether it is the Eiffel Tower or the canals of Venice, all these places have a unique charm that you cannot find elsewhere. For all the planning for international flights with your friends and family, there are times when things just don't come together for everyone at the same time.

But don't let that stop you from backpacking to Europe alone. All countries in Europe have a very efficient public transport system that will make things a lot easier for you. But there are also things like safety and hospitality of the locals to consider. If you have been putting off a solo European trip, you should go ahead and check out our list of best places to travel alone. This will definitely boost your confidence and rest assured, you can plan your Eurorail tickets accordingly.

1. Reykjavík Iceland

Reykjavík Iceland

Wait, don't raise your eyebrows thinking “The first one is in Iceland? Really?” But Iceland is one of the best places to travel solo according to the everyone who took their cheap flights to Reykjavik. Two more reasons contribute to making this number one on the list: it is the safest country in the world, and it is beautiful beyond belief.

You could easily rent a car and drive along the scenic roads, staring at the mountains, touching the clouds and camping out without feeling cautious at all. Actually, people even leave their cars running outside shops when they go in for a quick purchase; that how much the local trust each other. Even if you want to go off the grid and be with yourself, it is not that hard to find help in any case.

The only precaution you will have to take is to save up for Iceland. The country is a bit darn expensive. But cheaper ways can be figured out by the opting hostel for staying and finding someone to split costs like car rentals with.

2. Berlin Germany

Berlin Germany

You will not feel like an outsider at all in Berlin. A lot of expats moving there has to lead to a strong cultural integration in the city.  The city is vibrant all throughout day and night.

For the very same reasons, a lot of young people travel to Berlin. It would be effortless for you to get along with people and maybe even find a travel partner there. Amidst this buzzing life, the city still holds dear its historical monuments and culture. The art scene is vibrant, and there is a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants. If you catch your cheap flights to Berlin for your solo travel, you will be just fine.


3. Granada Spain

granada spain

Tapas might be the thing that connects travelers to locals in Granada. In a bar or a restaurant, it is easy to bond over the food in Spain. And Spaniards will welcome you with open hands.

The streets of Granada has the beautiful medieval architecture that you could stare at all day wandering around the streets. This is a city where you can get lost even at night, but still, you would feel safe. So don't hesitate if you were planning to book your cheap flights to Granada.

4. Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain. It is the utterly beautiful place to stroll around in your summer clothes. Since Spain is comparatively less expensive, a journey to Barcelona could be ideal for you if you are on a budget.

There is also the rich cultural heritage and delicious food to add to the list. And if you are looking for cheap flights to Barcelona, you could cover Granada too!

5. Bologna Italy

Bologna Italy

Bologna is a lot safer than the other prime destinations in Italy. Probably it is because it is a University town. So it is implied that you can find many people to get acquainted with and to find help for.

And we don't have to tell you how good the food there is right?  Afterall the city has taken over the world with its Bolognese sauce. So if you want to travel Europe alone, you might want to consider booking cheap flights to Bologna instead of Venice for a change.

6. Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm SwedenStockholm is advanced, chic and yet has its old charm in every corner. Sweden is a country where women are treated as equal to men. So if you are a female, this is one place you should have absolutely no worries about traveling alone.

The Scandinavian culture, food, and cities are a bit different from the rest of Europe. So it might be an excellent option to get your cheap flights to Stockholm than to go after the usual mainstream destinations.


7. Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

The main highlight of a Portugal trip is how cheap it is, including the cheap airfare. The cities of Lisbon and Porto are very laid back, and you will come across a random act of kindness everywhere. You would be even invited by families to dine with them and get into a conversation.

Such tiny little things make these cities a lot more attractive and make you feel safer. Moreover, the streets have countless attractions for you to ramble alone and enjoy. You can book your cheap flights to Lisbon and Porto is only two hours from there.

8. Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

You can travel all along Scotland alone, without having to look over your back every time. The country is insanely beautiful, and the landscapes are quite stunning. The city of Edinburgh is very easy to navigate, and from there you could easily access all parts of Scotland. And when in Scotland, getting out of the city to explore the stunning countryside is a must.

The fact that it is an English speaking country is just another perk (even though the accents make it sound foreign). So plan you Scotland journey right by getting the cheap flights Edinburgh first.

9. Montenegro, All Over


When you are thinking about committing to travel Europe alone, Montenegro might not even come to your mind. But this Southeastern European country is drop dead gorgeous. And the best part is, it is not that crowded with tourists like the rest of Europe.

The country encourages tourists and is small enough to visit many places on a single trip. The locals are warm and very friendly. We suggest you explore the Tara region in the north for beaches and Kotor for the old city vibe.

10. Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands

In Amsterdam, you will never feel alone. All you have to do is get a bike and roam around the city all by yourself. There are a dozen museums you could explore all my yourself, an activity that could be done a delightfully solo.

The Dutch are fantastic with English and communicating with locals there would not be a problem at all. And if you are planning to get your cheap flights Amsterdam, don't forget to try the famous stroopwafels, the yummy caramel waffle cookie snack.

11. Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary

Budapest is a favorite among solo travelers, especially females. It is very budget friendly, making it one of the places in Europe where you can get luxury accommodations and fine dining food at incredibly low prices. So you could actually be lazy and enjoy the thermal spa days with ease. And you definitely don't have to worry about grabbing cheap flights Budapest.

If you are eager to meet fellow solo travelers, cruise across the Danube river and the ruin pubs would be a good place to start.

12. Belfast Northern Ireland

Belfast Northern Ireland

Intrigued by the scenes in Game of Thrones? Belfast might be just the right place for you. Amidst the scenic beauty and soaring waters, you will feel like you have already been here and that you belong. And you will surely find some other fan to bond over with.

Even if you are not a G.O.T fan, you could feel at home in Ireland is to walk into a pub and become part of a conversation. You don't even have to drink to be a part of it. The rocks and ocean are welcoming enough for a solo traveler to enjoy.

So after going through the list, we hope you have got a better idea on how relaxed and comfortable it is to travel Europe alone. All of these destinations have so much to offer and so many things to do, that in the midst of all that you won't even feel you are on a solo trip. Who knows you might even realize that traveling alone is more suited for you than with company. We have more on this list in the next article, so don't forget to check that one out.

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