18 Best Things to Do in London for The FOMO Traveler

18 Best Things to Do in London for The FOMO Traveler

Got that Fear of Missing Out? Yea, we know how you feel as a FOMO Traveler with so many things to do but with so little time!

From novels to movies, London has been continuously casting its charm over centuries. It has a classy mystic beauty to it with the century-old architecture, sprawling skyscrapers and significant history; not to forget the incredible food scene and vibrant lifestyle. This city has many options for the FOMO in you to embrace the culture, mingling and listening to the smooth British accents. So go ahead and check out our epic list of the best things to do in London.

1. British Museum

british museumWhen it comes to museums,the English sure knows how to get things right. The British Museum boasts a collection that is one of the largest in the world. And that means the British Museum is not just about Britain but exhibits artifacts from all over the world. Arranged by their location, various items from Ancient Egypt, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Greece, and Rome have all been showcased flawlessly. If you want to enjoy and learn more about the exhibits in peace, it is better to visit on a weekday and try to hit one of the day’s free 30-minute taster talks. We highly recommend you to get the guided tour.

2. Tower of London

Tower of London

This iconic Tower of London has played many critical roles in the history of the world, so there is no need to describe the place of the structure among London attractions. Built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, this castle and the fort is a magnificent piece of architecture to look at. Now, it is famous for the crown jewels and the ghost of Anne Boleyn. If you want to know the truth surrounding the many legends and myths, make sure you take a tour offered by the Beefeaters available at every half an hour. The Tower of London hours varies on each day, so ensure by checking the website that you arrive at the right time.

3. St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

Another icon among the historical monuments, St. Paul’s Cathedral London is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. Created in the mind of Architect Sir Christopher Wren, the towering dome has been standing tall as a symbol of London from the reconstruction after the Great Fire of London. The beauty of the cathedral and the paintings inside are simply mind-blowing. Grab the headphones at the entrance and enjoy the sheer overwhelming beauty at your own pace.

?4. Tate Modern

From outside what seems to be an old building has been astoundingly refurbished to host the excellent art collection in London. Tate Modern London was once an oil-fired power station sitting gloomily in South Bank. Now its filled with paintings and sculptures worth billions from the renowned few like Dali, Warhol, Rothko, and Picasso. The dramatic art collection set against the rustic building does create a unique encounter for the tourists and art fanatics.

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

London has a touch of royalty on many things; Hyde Park is one of them. Stretching for one and a half miles, Hyde Park London is one of the largest Royal Gardens of the city. The park was initially conceived to hunt deer by Henry VII and is now a hub for all outdoor fun activities. On a shiny day, you could see rollerbladers, kids horse riding, people boating at the Serpentine lake and everyone having a simple good time there.

6. Rough Trade Records

The flagship store of London’s own Rough Trade Records is one of a kind outlet for the music lovers.  They have a massive collection of vinyl records and an excellent range of popular culture books. The store set takes us back to the hipster street style. They also conduct great gigs and events often if you want to catch up.

7. National Gallery London

National Gallery

National Gallery London is not short in the number of paintings they have. With more than 2300 artworks including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Constable’s six-foot long The Hay Wain, the spot is hit by almost all tourists. It will take you few hours to get through the entire gallery, but don't forget to get one of their audio tours to make the watching a little more interesting.


8. Royal Opera House London

The Royal Opera House London is one of the city’s let alone the world’s most magnificent theaters for Opera and royal ballet. The building housed in the historic Covent Garden is stunning with its classic design. Watching a performance here is a measure of grandeur in itself that includes dressing up in couture and feeling like a royal. The performances are simply marvelous to witness.


9. Hampstead Heath

If the parks in the city are not enough, the Hampstead Heath London is waiting for you in the countryside of the Camden Town neighborhood. Covering 791 acres; yes it is that big; it includes woodlands, swimming ponds, playing fields and meadows, all so beautiful and perfect. Go there for a one day trip to have a fresh breath of air or to enjoy a picnic.

10. Sir John Soane's Museum

Sir John Soane's Museum

Yes, London has many Museums, and the Sir John Soane's Museum is another one you might want to peek into. It is necessarily a collection of whatever caught Sir John Soane's eye from artifacts, artworks, and tiny curios. The visit could be made more interesting if you try looking around to find the hidden spots and secret rooms that misses the unobservant eyes.

11. South Bank London

South Bank London

South Bank is one of London’s hyped locations. Next to River Thames, between the bridges, lies this strip that is the entertainment and commercial hub of London. With terrific views of the London wheel and other prominent landmarks, South Bank London is where you would want to go if you would like to experience the life and essence of the city all at once. It attracts 14 million tourists per year; so be ready to be in the middle of a considerable crowd.

12. Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

Apart from the fantastic Museums, London also has a few excellent markets to explore. The Columbia Road Flower Market is in London’s Shoreditch/Hackney neighborhood, and on every Sunday, the place transforms into colorful lines of greens and blossoms. Even if not to buy anything, the market is a place you have to visit to fill your Sunday morning with the energy of the stallholders and fragrance of the flowers.


13. Borough Market

Borough Market

Fresh produce, flea market, and foodie heaven are few words that describe Borough Market London perfectly. Occupying a large site next to London Bridge, the market has a broad line of drink and food stalls and shops that sell Gourmet goodies. There are many things to taste and try here from duck confit to delicious deli meat. Your London trip will indeed be incomplete without a visit to this market. It stays closed on Sundays, Mondays and on other Bank holidays.  The Borough Market London hours on the rest of the days are usually from 10 AM to 5 PM with extending till 6 PM on Fridays.


14. The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater

The Globe Theatre is where many of Shakespeare's plays were staged in the first days. In 1613, the theater got burnt down during a performance of 'Henry VIII'. The theater was rebuilt nearby carefully using the same construction methods and materials as the original. With the place holding so much historical and cultural significance, the Globe Theater London is definitely worth a visit.


15. Maltby Street Market

For Londoners, the Maltby Street Market is the “culinary heaven.” This pop-up market that appears during the weekends is where the locals usually go to enjoy the street market ambiance without the hustle and bustle of many tourists. But feel free to step into the secret in the city spot to experience London as a locale.

16. The Shard

The Shard

At the height of 1016 feet, The Shard London is the tallest building in Western Europe. Housing London’s luxury private apartments, high-end fine dining restaurants and the first Shangri-la hotel, The Shard is your way to step into the exclusive luxuries of London. Or you could just visit the viewing gallery on the 68 to 72 floors of the tower, to have a 360-degree viewing of the city’s skyline.

17. Portobello Market

Portobello Market

Running through the center of Notting Hill, the Portobello Market London has all the charms of the neighborhood. The road itself is known to have everything and everyone from photographers, artists, hip pubs, antique stalls; all made even more famous by Hugh Grant in the movie “Notting Hill”. On weekdays, the market is packed with both locals and tourists trying to get a glimpse of the neighborhood and enjoy the fresh produce.

18. Prime Meridian, Greenwich

Prime Meridian, Greenwich

If you have ever been curious about Greenwich Mean Time, this place will attract you. Even if you are not, the Royal Observatory here is reason enough to visit Prime Meridian Greenwich. High on the hill, the Observatory gives you a spectacular view of Britain from far away. Also, you could see the 0 line, and be in both east and west at once.


Limiting London attractions to just a number of 18 is a little challenging. Once you visit the city, you will surely know why. With so fun many things to see and do, it is always good to have a general itinerary already planned out right?

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