Best Ways to Travel Around London

Best Ways to Travel Around London

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the charms of London, it’s best to plan ahead so you can save time and money on traveling to this beautiful city. It’s important to distinguish which time of the year you’d like to travel since this will impact your time in London as well. Keep in mind whether you would travel during England’s wet season, especially if you’re against traveling often in the rain. 

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London Underground

The London Underground 

Synonymous with the New York Subway, the Underground will be saving you more money than if you were taking a train, bus, or taxi. The transportation in London is divided into sections from zone to zone. The further you ride from the zone you embarked on, the more expensive the trip will be. To help save some cash, and time, we advise that you purchase a smart card or a week pass.
walking in London


When it comes to London, nothing is more wonderful than walking through it’s many cobblestone streets and seeing the numerous historic attractions along the way. If you’ve never been to London before, or even if you have, look for its hidden “secret streets”. There is the Lambs Conduit Street in Bloomsbury, where there is a mix of eclectic shops that sell jewelry and coffee, or the Seymour Place in Marylebone, where you can find five-star restaurants hidden away, five minutes from the city’s famous Hyde Park.
cycling through London


Cycling is another fun way to travel through the city. However, it’s important that you remain safe while cycling through a major metropolitan area. Although London does have reserved lanes and routes for bikers, there is still heavy traffic. If you’d like to view the scenes of London on a bike, there are many different paths you can choose from. The best places are the routes from the Limehouse Basin to London Fields, the Tower of London to Big Ben, and King’s Cross to Notting Hill. 

London, England trip

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