Can’t Miss Excursions in Australia

So you’re taking your honey to Australia for Valentine’s Day?! Amazing choice! After booking your cheap tickets to this adventurous locale, it’s a great idea to start planning what kind of activities you will want to be doing while you’re there! To ensure that this trip will be the most romantic getaway of all time, take a look at the list we have compiled to help you out!

Avon Valley Wine and Hot Air Balloons

Book your cheap flight tickets to Australia and head on over to Avon Valley! This colorful patchwork of gently rolling hills not only makes for romantic and peaceful drives along the countryside, but Avon Valley is home to numerous exquisite vineyards! You and your loved one can enjoy the variety of wines from all the wineries and enjoy the subtle differences that make each drink distinctive together. What’s a way to make this trip even more romantic? How about a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunrise? See the light slowly light up the rural Avon Valley landscape, all while cuddling your love in a traditional wicker basket! Beautiful, romantic and a once in a life time experience can all be found in the Avon Valley!

Sydney Romantic Adventures 

Want to enjoy world-class restaurants, beautiful beach views and the best sunset views? Then get your cheap tickets to Sydney today! The ideal temperature and weather found in Sydney year round, makes it a city ideal for a multitude of outdoor activities. To see this beautiful city change colors as the sun sets, take your lover to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best views in the world! Or if heights aren’t your thing, take the Manly Ferry to watch the colors hit the city skyline for an equally marvelous sunset. And before the sun sets, make sure you take your loved one to one of the spectacular beaches that Sydney has to offer and maybe even set up an amorous picnic! Then for dinner, you can choose to dine in any one of the world-renowned restaurants in this remarkable city!

Australia is the perfect place to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day! The activities listed here will only help fuel the love and will amp up your trip for sure! Book cheap tickets for your romantic getaway and enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend!