Can’t Miss Things to Do and See in India

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience for several reasons. Not only do you get to taste new foods and meet new people, but you also get to expand the horizons of your mind. With the new experiences that you will have by going to new destinations, you can grow as a person and morph into who you want to be. Start you journey off the right way by finding the best deals on cheap international airline tickets at If you are still trying to decide on a destination, read on for reasons why Agra, India should be on your travel list! 

The Magical Allure of Agra

Agra is a city steeped in history and culture. The golden age of this city is said to have been during the time when it was part of the Mughal Empire. It was during that period that one of the seven world wonders, the Taj Mahal, was erected and it was also during that time that a lot of the famous gardens were also laid. Walking amongst the gardens and admiring the magnificence of the romantic monument, built by a grieving husband is more than just site seeing. The experience that travelers describe is surreal, it is magical, otherworldly some would say. And that kind of experience is life changing.

Colorful Local Cuisine & Culture

Besides the wondrous sites there are to explore, Agra also has a lot of delicious foods to taste. Curry, naan, murg malai tikka and kadhai paneer are just a few of the local food choices available to be devoured. And after enjoying a delectable meal, take some time to roam the markets and truly experience the culture. During different times of the year there will be festivals, where the bright colors that reflect this culture can really be seen.


Overall, if you a traveler seeking an adventure of a lifetime, Agra in India could be your destination! Book your cheap airline tickets today so that you can experience all the magic that other travelers have felt on their journey!