Can’t Miss Things to Do and See in Venice


Things to do and see in veniceHave you ever wanted to explore a vibrant and unique European city?! Turn this desire into a reality by traveling to Venice! Venice is a city unlike any other. With serene canals instead of hectic streets, not even pictures or movies can do it justice. Known as a famous place for sweethearts, romantics, artists, and poets, this truly is a magical city. Come take a gondola ride and experience it for yourself by booking cheap flights from Newark to Venice today! 

Why should you go to Venice? The reasons are endless! Here is a glimpse of what this enchanted Italian city has to offer.  

Art. The art of Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, contemporary artists, and many more are represented throughout the city.

Landmarks. You do NOT want to miss the unforgettable Palazzo Ducale or Rialto Bridge.

Festivals. Venice hosts celebrations of art, music, dance, and film such as Carnevale and the Biennale.

Shopping. Countless designer stores, spectacular masks, paper goods, linens, lace, and colorful glasses makes this city a shoppers dream.

Seafood. Venetian restaurants boast some of the freshest seafood in Europe. Their seafood is so fresh that many restaurants don’t even need to own a refrigerator.

With reasons like these, why wouldn’t you book cheap flight tickets from Newark to Venice?!

Now that you know why you should go to Venice, it’s time to decide when you should go to Venice. While Venice would be an amazing trip anytime of the year, there are some months that might be more appealing than others. Spring (April to early June) and fall (September to October) are often viewed as ideal times. The temperatures are mild and there are fewer tourists during these months.

Don’t waste anymore time and come see the one of a kind European city for yourself. Book your cheap flights from Newark to Venice today!