How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets

how to get cheap business class tickets

Haven't we all glared at all the businessmen stepping off their business class lounges or looked around amused when we pass the first-class cabin to our usual economy class seats? Haven't we all wondered whether the in-flight meals are different and business class or how it would feel to sip champagne and watch over the clouds?

For a majority of airline travelers, flying first or business class might be a far-fetched dream. Unless of course you get lucky and get upgraded. Well, we are here to tell you that you could quickly grab one of those business class flights for your next trip.

We are going to let you in on the secrets to getting the right cheap business flights deals to avail the cheap business class flights. If you spend a little time at the right moment, you could easily find business flights on an economy budget.


FareDepot Comes To The Rescue

When it comes to finding the best discounts, FareDepot is your go-to website. Whether it is business class or Cheap International flights, FareDepot has the best flight deals you can find online. If you don't have a fixed date or destination for your vacation, you could always go to Faredepot and compare the prices for the best International flight deals. FareDepot also allows you to grab discount business class airfare for last minute flights.


Option of Auction

Now, this is not a widely known way of getting a business class ticket. Many airlines have online auctions for business, and first class seat upgrade from your economy seat that comes at a considerably low cost. You can go to the airline websites and check out the dates and deals. Few airlines also offer the option to upgrade to business class when you check in.

It isn't always a standard formula to get the winning flights. But for your convenience, we have detailed how the whole thing works in few established airlines.



Qantas provide an exclusive Bid Now upgrades on specific domestic and international flights for passengers with economy tickets by invitation. If their flight is eligible, the passengers will be invited via email seven days before their travel. If invited, you can use both you frequent flyer points and cash (if you are not a Qantas Frequent Flyer). The successful bidders will be notified before 12 to 24 hrs of your flight.


Virgin Australia

A similar program with a different name called UpgradeMe Premium Bid is available for the Virgin Australia passengers. Passengers are offered auctions one week before their departure by email. The biddings are allowed for Virgin Australia premium economy or business class seats. Another good thing is, the Virgin Atlantic sets a margin for bids with a minimum and maximum amount to avoid extravagant and unrealistic bids.

Also, it should be noted that these auctions are available only if you booked tickets through their official website. So in case you already got some deal from other travel websites, you will miss out on this unless you are redirected to the Virgin’s website. For example, if you use FareDepot, you will be redirected and booking from Virgin’s website which makes you eligible for the auction.


There are other airlines also providing online upgrade auctions. These include Etihad Airways (Plusgrade), Malaysia Airlines (MHUpgrade) and Cathay Pacific (Enhance). All these offers are up for selected flights and selected customers, so you never know you might get lucky someday.


The famous Frequent Flyer Loyalty Perks

Every airline tries to entice us with the exclusive deals and offers that come along with their loyalty programs. The idea is to collect your frequent flyer miles which can be used later to get discount airfare or other perks. This lets you get exclusive deals for discount business class airfare.

The Velocity program offered by Virgin offers an exclusive offer accumulating your flyer points with “family pooling.” This might let you reach your point limit for a free business class upgrade faster.

Qantas and Virgin airlines also allow lets you add up points made for purchases other than flights which could be redeemed for flights. But if you choose this way, of course, it might cost you more than buying the cheap business class flights tickets directly.

The other airline sponsored benefit is using their respective branded credit cards. With a similar working principle, you can accumulate points and redeem it later for flights. This also comes with other offers of getting extra points when you sign up or network. If your credit cards are used for considerably large transactions on a regular basis, this might come in handy.


Be An Early Bird

check in airport

If you are someone who plans ahead, it gives you an added advantage of time. The airline tickets come cheaper when you book early. Also, there might be deals that come with an early purchase to avail discount business flights.

You could also subscribe to airline newsletters to be updated on new upcoming offers on international flight deals or business class airfare sale. Many airlines save up their best offers for their loyal members and subscribers. In the current scenario, airlines are also using social media to advertise a new package or deals. So make sure you check the social networks also to be on top of things.


Solo Travelers Get Luckier

Once in a while, even you are ready to get to you the economy seat, you might be surprised with an offer to upgrade to business class. Airlines tend to overbook the flights with the assumption that not all passengers will show up. On your lucky day, you might be the one to get bumped to business class. And if you are traveling solo, the chances of an upgrade are much more.


So in case, you missed out on discount business class tickets, or you even booked for last minute flights, always dress sharp and comfortable. You never know if a business class seat is around the corner.

Be sure that you keep in mind all these tips when you search for your next cheap airline tickets or skip to getting the best business class flights deals possible. You could also go to FareDepot now and check out the options you have so you can plan ahead and be aware of the latest travel deals that suit your needs.