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Cheap Business Class Tickets from New York to Jeddah | Top-Notch Travel Advice

Few places in Saudi Arabia, or even the world, compare to Jeddah. As the country’s commercial capital, this metropolis is the perfect travel hot spot. From its famous international cuisines and seafood to its can’t miss scuba spots, there truly is something for everyone in Jeddah. However, before you embark with cheap business class tickets from New York to Jeddah, there is a little bit of travel advice that you need to know. Keep reading 4 tips for traveling to Jeddah.

4 Essential Jeddah Travel Tips

1.Make sure to take the national currency with you when you explore the local markets and shopping centers. Money can easily be exchanged at banks or a private exchange office. However, if you plan to hit up a major shopping center, restaurant, or gas station,

2.Always tip at least 15% of the total bill at large restaurants. It’s not mandatory to leave a tip at small restaurants and cafes, but it is smiled upon.

3.Don’t forget that taking videos and photographs is prohibited in public places. Taking photos in the area of certain cultural objects is allowed, but only for an extra fee. Photographing locals is also not allowed.

4.Be careful where you drink. Jeddah has very strict rules concerning the sale and consumption of alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed, but only in designated areas.

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