How to Get Cheap Flights to Europe

There is no denying that summer is one of the best times to travel the world. For many, the season often resonates with the charm of European countries. Unless you have the patience and time to travel across Europe with a Eurail pass, you are most probably left with the option of flying between countries. 


The problem is, almost the entire world is looking at how to find insanely cheap flights to Europe, or even more on how to find extremely cheap last minute flights to their favorite city. However, before you think that there is no chance for you to get cheap flights, quickly go through our guide on the many ways you can actually get a cheap flight to Europe. 

1. Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Summer is already here. Unless you are planning to travel later in the year, it is fair to say that you are already late to the scene. Ideally, three to six weeks before your expected travel date is the best time to find cheap international flights to Europe. Always remember that you could never be too early to buy flight tickets. 


However, if you find yourself not at the liberty of time, then there are a few things that you might consider being flexible in order to get yourself comparatively lower flight fare.

2. Double Check the Travel Times

Double Check the Travel Times

There are many factors that determine the price of a flight ticket. One of them is the popularity. If you plan to leave on a weekend or during holidays, to a prominent travel destination, the fares are sure to be on the higher side. 


If you are not particular on dates, try to avoid school breaks and holidays to get cheap flights. You can not only save in travel expenses but also in accommodation as well. 

3. Look for Layovers 

Look for Layovers 

You might think of layovers as a hectic way to waste time that could be put to use otherwise. But when it allows you to save some bucks, a layover might not seem like a bad idea at all. Moreover, airports are undergoing many changes and adding more facilities to make layovers a pleasant experience to travelers. 


You can also choose to spend layover in a European city itself, while flying to another one. This way, you might be able to cover an additional city too. Many airports now offer layover tours too to encourage travelers to choose stopovers. If you did not already know this, budget airlines in Europe do not provide complimentary food or drinks, so you can also use layover as an opportunity to refresh yourself. 


Take a look at the best airports in the world to spend layovers to choose while you are considering taking a break between flights. 

4. Check out other Destinations

Look for Layovers 

You might have an airport that is most comfortable to get from home, but if choose to fly from a minor airport, it might lead to saving a lot of money. Even if you have a specific destination to get to, looking for a cheaper destination to get down at might allow you to cut down the costs. For instance flights to Paris and Amsterdam are definitely the most expensive. Instead you could choose to fly to Brussels and take a train journey of one hour to go to either cities. There are also other options of taking budget airlines within Europe or even a road trip if you prefer it. 

5. Turn on Incognito 

Turn on Incognito 

The more you search for flights, the more demand it will show. Flight search engines and even the browser engines are designed to keep track of all user searches. This might not come as a surprise, as you soon start to receive notifications and start seeing ads on cheap plane tickets everywhere you go. 


When you look for the same flight multiple times over a short period, it notifies the engines that you are interested and will soon raise the prices accordingly. One thing you can do is to do your searches in private browser mode to ensure that the searches aren't being tracked. This way you can as many searches as you want and still see the original fares. 

6. Consider all Options 

Consider all Options 

It is a common opinion that round trips usually cost less than one way flights. However, it might not always be the case. Especially if you are arriving and departing from two different points, it is not possible for you to get round trips in the first place. 


Anyhow, it is in your best interest to compare the prices of round trip flights with separate one way flight fares. Make sure to weigh in the expense of getting to the airport, availability of public transport and distance from the city centre too while calculating the total amount. 

7. Baggages 


Consider this a bonus tip while you are looking to bid on flights last minute. Most international flights offer free checked baggage allowance. But if you are taking a connection in a European airline, chances are that you will have to pay additional fee for check-in baggage. Ofcourse, if you are an expert in packing to travel with a cabin baggage alone, this shouldn’t be a problem. But remember to check what is included in the ticket fare before you confirm the bookings. 


Here is a list of the best budget airlines in Europe you are sure to come across during your flight search. 

8. Use FareDepot

Use FareDepot

We saved the best for the last .If you are wondering how to find last minute cheap flights or business class flights, the solution is to start searching with FareDepot. With our unique filters, it is much easier to sort out your searches for cheap international flights based on layovers or airports, to get the most efficient search results possible. 

If you think you are already too late to get cheap flights, don’t worry, follow our guide on how to get cheap flights last minute. You are guaranteed to get the best rates on the internet to make your dream of European summer come true!!