How to Find Cheap International Flights in Peak Season

Besides finding out the cheapest destinations to travel and cheap airlines to look for, Today, it is also necessary to know how to find very cheap international flights too. With peak seasons varying depending on your destination and departure point, it has become almost an all-year-round struggle insanely cheap flights too. 


Currently, it is almost impossible to consider how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport. Most often, tickets are sold out online itself. So it might be time to let go of the movie-inspired climaxes on finding cheap last minute flights to rush to the gate, but if you are looking to find cheap plane tickets, then you need to be prepared well before. 


It is even more challenging to find flights during peak seasons.  But thankfully, a bit of planning might help you find comparatively cheaper flights. Let us ponder a bit on how we can outwit the hefty flight fares. 

1. Be an Early Bird 

Be an Early Bird 

It is not a new strategy that travelers have applied. But as widely known and accepted as it is, people still tend to overlook the importance of booking flights early. Especially during peak seasons, the majority of travelers might have already made plans for the vacation. This means that the chances are higher for the tickets to get sold out. This high demand will also result in high flight fares. 


The easiest way to tackle this is to try booking in advance. Airlines open booking 11 months in advance. Even with deals on how to get cheap flights last minute, it is a gamble that you should be willing to take. To get the best window for cheap flight tickets, try booking 3 to 7 weeks in advance. The worst time to book would be 14 days before travel date or too early, as in 5 or more months before the travel date. 

2. Search In Private 

Search In Private

Ticket rates are constantly fluctuating. This is because the airline algorithms automatically adjust the rates based on the demand. The more you search, the cookies and server details of your browser will pick it up and when you use the website again, the site is bound to show you raised fares. The best and probably the only way to avoid this is by using Incognito mode in your browser. Or you can try to resist yourself from binge searching for your flights. 

3. Avoid Weekends

Avoid Weekends

Trying to book flights on weekends during vacation time is like doubling the demand. There are those who do not get the same vacations, whereas weekends are common for everyone. Airlines usually increase the fares on Fridays and it goes down on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you are looking for cheap business class flights then Mondays might also be on-demand. In short, many booking websites recommend trying to book on Wednesdays and Thursdays to get the cheapest flight rates. 

4. Fly with Deals 

Fly with Deals 

Peak seasons also has a few perks. Many airlines put up sales and discounts prior to the commencement of peak seasons. Whether it is summer or the holiday season, approximately a few weeks before the starting, you can see offers and discounts popping up everywhere on the internet, From trave websites to booking platforms, everyone will give out promotion codes and discounted rates. 


Why not use this to your favor? Instead of choosing a destination and then trying to find a deal, fly where the deals are already provided for. 

5. Beware of Airline fees

Beware of Airline fees

More and more airlines are charging fees right now, From the check-in baggage allowance to seat selection, almost every other aspect other than your ticket fare now cost additional fees. So even if it might appear that you are booking insanely cheap flights, by the time you are finishing the payment, the final added fee would be much more than usual. 


Alternatively, compare the final prices of airline tickets that include all the extra allowances and tickets with additional fees. This will give you a better understanding of how the prices will compare at the time of check out. 

6. Fly from Another Airport 

Fly from Another Airport 

If you are flying internationally, chances are that you have to fly to another domestic airport and then connect from there. If you book a connection, it might cost you more than booking flights separately. Try booking domestic flights individually in a low-cost carrier and then get the direct flight to the destination. 


The other way to do this is by getting to another airport by some other means of transportation. Choosing to take a train or a cab to another airport than your favored one might help you save a big amount. 

7. Frequent Flyer Programs 

Frequent Flyer Programs 

Regardless of whether you are flying in a peak season or a low season and whether you want business class flights or want to bid on flights last minute, the one thing that will consistently help you is your miles. You can save these points by miles or using airlines issues or partnered credit cards. Depending on how many miles you have saved up, it will get you a substantial reduction on the ticket fare. 


If you do not have any miles saved up, you should save the opportunity of taking long haul flights to start saving the miles. 

8. Choose the Cheapest Payment Method

Choose the Cheapest Payment Method

Many websites suggest booking from a different country website or in a different currency to benefit from the exchange rates. But while doing this, if you are not using a credit card without fees, you will end up paying more than what you intend to save. If you are using credit cards, on the other hand, it might also help you earn some points to redeem later. 

9.  Use Fare Comparison Websites 

Use Fare Comparison Websites 

It might be difficult to compare all the flight fares from the different airline websites, The best solution to this is to use a fare comparison website. FareDepot offers all the necessary features and more that you would need to find the best deals on the internet.


For all your needs from cheap international flights to cheap business class flights, you can use our website to guarantee that you find the cheapest rates.