How to Find the Cheap Airfare to Europe

Visiting Europe is almost everyone’s dream. With more than enough destinations to choose from, backpacking in flights, trains or even ferries might seem alluring. Although the romanticized train journeys are on the expensive side, flights tend to be cheaper within Europe.

However, the challenge is how to find cheap tickets to Europe to get there. With some expert advice from our fellow travelers, we have found out what tricks to use to find the cheap airfare to Europe.

Here is what you can do to bag those superb deals on flight tickets to Europe.

1. One word, FareDepot

One word, FareDepot

So the first thing is to know where to look for flights. Since you are already here, it is only a matter of going to the home page to start your search on flight tickets to Paris or anywhere you want to go.

FareDepot is the best there is for finding the cheap international flights to all European destinations. With our exclusive airline deals, you don’t even need to know the best day to buy flight tickets. You can even get spontaneous and find incredible last minute cheap flight tickets to Italy or anywhere else. If you are just browsing for flights, make sure to sign up for the flight fare alert so that you can book as soon as the price drops.

Now you know where to look for, let us see what to look for.

2. Be Flexible

Be Flexible

Flexibility, in this case, is essentially about the destination. Remember what you read earlier? Flights are cheaper inside Europe. On a lucky day, you can find flights from Berlin to Italy even for 40 euros.

You might have been dreaming to go to Italy for so long. But if your first option is a little too costly, try another one first. Together with the extra charge to reach Italy from Berlin, the flight charge might still be lower than one from your home.

3. Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

In case you just want to go anywhere in Europe, try for less popular options. These days, even the trend favors locations that are yet to be discovered by commercial tourism. Another good thing is that such countries are also cheaper. You will be able to save a good amount in flight and at expenses at the location.

4. Go in Off-season


Every season in Europe has its own charm. So do not restrict yourself to only the peak seasons. In fact, shoulder seasons are the best time to buy flight tickets anywhere. Airlines put up new deals to attract more customers and accommodation often come cheaper at this time.

5. Check during the Prime Window

 prime booking window

If you have specific dates to travel to Europe, the prime booking window is around 160 days in advance to your travel date. Start your search from then, and the chances of you coming across a good deal are highly likely. If you are traveling in summer mainly, the answer to when to buy flight tickets is 47 days prior to your departure; that's when the best deals come up.

6. Choose the Right Airport

Choose the Right Airport

The flexibility of departing or arriving at a minor airport could make a lot of difference in terms of money. You might have to go outside the city and commute for an extra hour. But many budget airlines in Europe fly to minor airports well outside the city. Combine this with odd timings for flying at early morning or very late at night, and you might just get the deal of the day.

While choosing an airport, also consider your commuting options once you arrive. If it is a minor airport, there might not be airport shuttles to the city. Check whether you need to book a rental car or reserve a train ticket at the other end.

7. Take a Layover or a Stopover

Take a Layover or a Stopover

Layovers are tiring and frustrating. Yet, it is one of the best ways to get the cheap airline tickets. Direct flights always cost you more. Especially when you have to fly for a long time, it is good to take layovers. If you are ready to break down your journey into two or even go for a multicity option, you will find that there is a significant decline in the airfare.

Few countries also offer a chance to explore the city with a stopover. With this, you get a chance to hit two birds with one stone. This is also offered by airlines like Icelandair in Europe.

8. Always, Always search in Private

booking websites

Just like ads are showing up about your latest online shopping searches, booking websites also keeps a tab of the searches being made. This is one of the reasons why flight fares seem to be suddenly increasing from when you started the search. Use a private browser or turn on the incognito mode always before you start searching for flights. The more you search for one flight, the more the price is going to go up.

9. Website Location

Website Location

Check for the flights, even for last minute flight tickets from multiple locations of the website. WHat they charge in the US might have a slight difference to the search results in Europe. You can either change the location on the website itself or use a VPN to choose a different country.

10. Double Check for Extra Fees

 buying a check in luggage

Many budget carriers in Europe tend to charge you extra fees for anything and everything. From buying a check in luggage to even choosing the seat, it comes with additional fees. So even if the flight fare shows really low, make sure you double check for anything else that you might be charged at the airport.

Also, if you are paying with a different currency, make sure to check for any extra fees that would be involved in the transaction.

If you have already started packing your bags to Europe in your head, these hacks are surely going to get you. Remember to check out our deals for last minute flight tickets to Europe before you leave. Happy Europe everyone!