The Cheapest Destinations to Visit in 2019

Every year, travel experts and travelholics come up with a list of the most affordable and trendy destinations. In 2019, with half of the year over, it is time to take a second look at which are the cheapest destinations of the year. 


Even with summer closing in, it is never too late to figure out how to find last minute cheap flights to any of these amazing places. But first, let us find which ones deserve your attention now. 

1. Kingston, Jamaica 

Kingston, Jamaica 

There are still many countries left in the Caribbean that still serves the sweet savories of unexplored voyages. Jamaica, as popular as it is as a beach destination also has a cultural side to it. Kingston is perfect to head to for your beach explorations as well as immerse in the culture of the country at a much cheaper rate than doing it from a beach resort elsewhere. From the white-sand beaches to the lively streets, Kingston is one of our favorite places for budget travelers this year. 

2. Tbilisi, Georgia 

Tbilisi, Georgia 

It is time to look past Europe and get into the wonderland of Eurasia. Georgia, with a sublime portion of both the world, offers an eccentric showcase of architecture and culture to its visitors. The influences of the Soviet era still lingering around in the streets lined with historic buildings and the perfect blend with the modern spaces are a treat to watch. Tbilisi is also the right spot to explore the Caucasian Mountain Range, dip your feet in the Black Sea and find serenity at one of the ancient hilltop monasteries, all at rates that will not break your bank. A nights stay here could be found at a rate as cheap as $20, now that is a place worth finding cheap last minute flights to. 

3. Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon continues to top the charts of the cheapest places in the world to travel to; plus it is in Europe that gives it some bonus points. So what does it offer? Incredible architecture, delicious cuisine, and everything else that Europe offers without the hefty price tag that you will find in many other European cities. Whether you love the ambiance for the cobblestone streets or the numerous museums, you will find your forte in this beautiful city. Dive into the city’s attractions with a city pass that comes at only 19 euros for 24 hours of free access to many of them. 

4. Laos 


If you are a nature buff, then Laos should be on top of your list. The country has around 70% of forest coverage. That means plenty of spots for you to cut yourself off from the world and revel in the paradise of nature. Take your pick from outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, zip-lining, kayaking and many more at budget prices. If you are looking for more authenticity, choose to sleep in a treehouse and wake up to the sound of nature, something that we almost miss out on our busy lives. 

5. Romania 


Romania is another spectacular destination in Europe that deserves the attention of budget travelers. The fortified churches, the medieval town and the Carpathian mountain range making the perfect backdrop for the pretty city, this country in the Transylvania region is a gem to visit. As the place is still to rise as a popular choice, you are sure to come across many spectacular places. 


To know more about the places to visit in Romania, check out our blog here

6. Tallinn, Estonia 

Tallinn, Estonia 

We are not done with Europe yet. Are you wondering how you did not know about such cheap destinations in Europe? If you find the nordic region too expensive, then Tallinn comes very close to it. It is certainly cheap compared to the rest of the continent. The medieval town is UNESCO protected, and is a charming place with quaint restaurants and shops. The public transportation is quite affordable and easy to use, the local cuisine is a tasteful experience and to know more, read more on the best things to do in Tallinn

7. Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

Known as the “Jewel of the Pacific” and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valparaiso has many elements to entice travelers. Its clifftops adorned with colorful houses gives out the bohemian vibe along with its animated streets with some cool street art. Explore the local life rambling through the historic plazas and parks. If you have the strength, try to hike up at least a few of the 42 hills in the city, or get on a funicular to check out the breathtaking views of the city. 

8. Montreal, Canada 

 Montreal, Canada 

Montreal is a beautiful portrayal of the different faces of city caught in different time periods, They sure does celebrate their French heritage while embracing the modernistic aspect as well. But if Europe is too far or costly, the next best choice lies in this neighboring country of the US and in its French allure. From shopping to dining out, having a vacation here is lot more affordable that you would expect. There is also quite a high dose of culture, architecture, museums and everything else that makes for a pretty package. 

9. Turkey


The trick with Turkey is to find yourself the right accommodation to enjoy everything else at ease. But with the favorable currency exchange rates at the moment, that should not be a hard task at all. Whether you plan to stay in Istanbul or head over to Cappadocia, there is still plenty more left in the country to offer you an authentic experience. With a cultural blend from Europe and Asia, the country brims with history and tradition that the enthusiasts will definitely find the most attractive. It is the ideal place to bask under the sun walking through bazzars, hanging out at cafes and taking a walk through many historic sites. 

10. Cancun, Mexico 

Cancun, Mexico 

Mexico is encouraging tourism in the country by upgrading the infrastructure and its overall outlook. Cancun is a fantastic spot for a tropical getaway on budget. Whether you are hoping to spend a family vacation or a fun one with your friends, Cancun has many offers that can find you luxury within the budget. There are plenty of water activities to try and a fair share of restaurants to pick from. You can also find many beach side resorts that come at budget prices where you can sit back and relax. 

11. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Famous for its iconic temples, Chiang Mai was named the fifth cheapest destination of the last years according to backpackers. So if you like to stay in hostels, and travel by public transport then it is a very impressive place. While in Thailand, it is almost mandatory that you should eat street food and by that standard, you can cover a day for just about $25. The region boasts stunning temple architecture, tranquil countryside, national forests and plenty of other places that you can explore by yourself on a rented moped. 

12. Peru 


Peru has been on the radar of nature lovers for a while now and thankfully it is still affordable in many ways for the budget travelers. Much like any other place, one can find cheap and luxurious options in Peru, especially if you are exploring the Amazon. In Lima, however, things are a lot cheaper and you can even find English-speaking guides without emptying your wallet. There are also plenty of free or inexpensive attractions that can keep you busy even if you do not venture out to the nature. 

13. India 


For a country this diverse and fascinating, you will be overwhelmed by the choices you have. However, if you want to have a budget travel to this land, you will have to try your best to stick to only a few places in India. That is going to be the challenge here than sticking to a budget though. From Kerala in south to Kashmir in north, each state has something different to offer from culture to cuisine. Take your pick from gorgeous palaces or houseboats in backwaters or even explore the desserts in all its glory and have a very comfortable trip at pretty cheap rates. India is a perfect place for you to bid on flights last minute. 

14. Armenia 


Armenia went through a revolution in 2018 and has now opened its doors to visitors. Nestled between Europe and Asia, with its latest developments, there is the inevitable positivity in the air in Armenia. If you set aside the fact that the infrastructure is still developing, the country is mesmerising with its stunning landscapes and cute little towns. The country is best experienced by setting off to the rugged trails and it is definitely worth the adventure. 

There you have the cheapest destinations of 2019. Now if you are wondering how to get last minute flight deals to any of these, feel free to do a quick search on cheap international flights here at FareDepot


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