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City Spotlight :Taipei

Welcome to Taipei, where mounds of national history and entertainment await you! From its luxurious shopping districts to its many fascinating temples and museums, you will find no shortage of fun on your vacation here with FareDepot’s exclusive, cheap airfare. 


Where to start?


Come by and visit the National Palace Museum, where many artifacts dating back thousands of years, preserve the beauty and, sometimes, tragic memory of its Chinese history. The museum boasts one of the finest collections of bronze works, calligraphy, ceramics, and paintings in East Asia. It offers free English tours, so tourists can under the history of its arts.


In addition to its arts, Taipei also treasures their temples and its traditions. Some of the more renowned temples include Baoan Temple, where rites are preserved and cultural festivals are held to showcase the architecture. Nearby is the famous Confucius Temple, dedicated to the Confucian arts and virtues if you’re looking for philosophical contribution.


And if the temples of Taipei don’t catch your interest with their calming auras, then take a day to relax with Taipei’s famous hot springs and jump by the many, many parks that litter the streets. The streets are full of day and night commotion, with cultured street food for a casual snack or restaurants bloated with succulent Taiwanese cuisine just waiting for the eager traveler. Don’t forget about Taipei’s specialty, boba (bubble tea), once you’re there!


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