5 Greatest Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

Winter might remind you of snow, occasional rains, the magic of Christmas and the anticipation for New Year. But not everyone admires the chill and dampness that comes with it. Luckily, there are few places where the sun shines ever so brightly in the days of winter. If you are seeking to escape the cold and enjoy the sun, you might want to take a look at these 5 winter sun destinations that could sprinkle joy on your gloom.

1. The Canary Islands in Spain

Canary Islands in Spain

The Canary Islands Spain keep its gay climate fresh up in the winter world too. Its proximity to the beach and wonderful weather has made it the best of winter sun destinations in Europe. The towns and cities in the Canaries continue spreading its charm, and they are even more welcoming without the high season crowd in winter.

The sea continuous to be reasonably warm until the end of the year, before it starts getting freezing cold in January. On inland, the dramatic volcanic landscapes are amusing enough to make you drop your jaw in awe.

When it comes to the coastline, you can actually enjoy serenity and quiet in the cold months rather than summer shacks taking up all the space. The watersports are open all year round, and you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the waters both above and below. Both divers and surfers can indulge in their favorite sports. If you happen to book cheap flights to Spain towards the end of January, then you must head to the Canaries where the Carnival comes on with a bang.

2. Madeira in Portugal

Madeira in Portugal

Madeira is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. The warm, subtropical climate of this exotic island plays a perfect host throughout the year. While all places in Europe is under the risk of slight drizzle in winter, Madeira’s tropical gardens and poetic coastlines make up very well for mild discomfort.

The capital Funchal could surprise you with 3D illuminations that could put usual Christmas bling to shame.  The effect is mesmerizing while you walk gazing up at fairies and Christmas trees all made up with lights. Maderians do not pull back on New year festivities either.

The added advantage of the winter is the affordable flight and accommodations too. The season offers the best time for water sports especially for surfers to enjoy the Portuguese waves. The landscapes, on the other hand, are ideal for outdoor activities like trekking and hiking, Madeira Portugal is indeed a smart place to be happy in winter.

3. Valletta in Malta

Valletta in Malta

Escaping to Malta in winter is a terrific idea. The Mediterranean island of Malta enjoys much warmer weather compared to the European mainland in winter. The temperature usually doesn't drop below 15-degree Celsius thus making it pretty comfortable to roam around as much as you like.

As the smallest capital city of Europe, Valetta is indeed possible to be seen on foot. The beautiful streets of Birgu and many similar ones are finally open for perfect Instagram pictures without other travelers photobombing it.  Morning walks to Mnajdra megalithic temple is a pleasure in the pleasant weather.

The beauty of the coastal trail is indescribable, and away from the crowds, there is a better chance of enjoying it. The old town charm of the city is quite pleasant, and the city is filled with decorations for Christmas and New year celebrations. Book your cheap flights to Malta to add a few cultural outings to your winter itineraries.

4. Sicily in Italy

Sicily in Italy

Italy has been associated with perfect summers for so long that it might seem absurd as a winter destination. But in Sicily, the matters are really different when winter arrives. The almond trees bloom,  the skies turn into bright blues and the citrus plants at the Garden of the Kolymbetra splash colors with the ripening fruits.

While Christmas is a joyful time indeed, the most awaited winter event would be the Sciacca Carnival that takes place in February. Sicilians bring on their fabulous outfits and wear their warmest smiles during this festival. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, then skiing in Mount Etna is a reason enough to book cheap flights to Sicily Italy.

Even if you fail to take part in any festivities, Sicily Italy still has its wonders in its extraordinary archeological sites and impressive Baroque architecture.


5. Cyprus


The temperature wavers around 20-degree Celsius, yet inspire of cold Cyprus turns out to be unimaginably beautiful during winter.  As much as you need the winter sun, Cyprus has its lush green blanketed with snow too. The Troodos National Forest Park transforms into a Winterland with its slopes dressed in white and same goes to the other numerous nature parks too. Also, don't forget that it is the strawberry season in the region. Skiing on Mount Olympus and is also a fun thing that one would enjoy.

Coming to the capital, Nicosia, it is the last divided capital in the world sharing it with Turkey. The seaside charm blends with the old town allure here giving you plenty of sun and cozy days bright enough to make you roam outdoors. Churches, museums, Turkish baths, mansions, cafes and there is plenty more that you could pick from to visit in the capital. So cheap flights to Cyprus could get you parts of both sun and snow in one package.

There is a reason that the seasons change and however we try, there is no escaping the hands of the cold at least a bit in winter. So if you give into it and you will enjoy the glam and gloom that comes with it. But on the brighter side, who can imagine Christmas without putting the winter cap on?

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