Explore: Discover Osaka like a Local

things to do in Osaka shitennoji temple

Being Japan’s second-largest city (first being Tokyo), Osaka can be quite overwhelming to explore especially when the debate on which Osaka attraction is more worth the visit when compared to another. History is rich with castles detailing events of wartime and the culture and tradition are magnificently displayed through the fine cuisines throughout all of Osaka.

Even to the locals of Japan, Osaka is one of the highly praised cities for having the most delicious food. In fact, it’s probably regarded as the best foodie district in all of Japan!

Here at Fare Depot, we’ve put together an amazing list of things to do Osaka coming from regular seasoned travelers with family based in Osaka itself!


1. Kaiyukan Aquarium Osaka

If this isn’t the first list of things to do in Osaka that you’ve had your eyes on, you’d notice that Kaiyukan Aquarium was probably on their list too. There’s a reason why it’s so popularly voted as one of the places to visit when going to Osaka.

Put simply, Kaiyukan Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the world boasting over 15 different exhibits and over 30,000 different marine life held within its walls. If you love looking at fish and find it as relaxing as we do, the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka is one not to be missed!


2. Shitennoji Temple Osaka

If you’re looking for some cultural and historical roots, the Shittennoji Temple in Osaka is the exact answer to your search. It’s the first Buddhist temple to be established in Japan dating back to 593 AD when Buddhism was influenced by China to Japan.

Although there have been a series of unfortunate events relating to Shittennoji Temple such as fire breakouts and the natural wear and tear that comes with age, this beautiful Buddhist temple still bears close similarities to its original state despite having been built so long ago.

Embrace yourself here at Shittennoji Temple as you let your mind go back to the old-times in Japan. It’s funny how with a quick glimpse of your surroundings, you’ll find enormous skyscrapers looming above what is the most significant religious sites of Japan’s history.

To truly experience a great time here, explore the Shittenoji Temple on the 14th of any month as it hosts one of the biggest flea markets in all of Osaka.


3. Osaka Dotonbori

Known simply as the bridge with the Glico man, Osaka Dotonbori is a vibrant place for an amazing evening and lively night. Walk amongst the different food stalls and shops selling peculiar Japanese things. You can even find yourself a shop that sells replicas of foods for all the restaurants around it!

Be sure to have a taste of some popular Osaka crab or some premium Matsumoto beef in Osaka Dotonbori itself!


4. Osaka Castle

Although the Osaka Castle you see today is not the original Osaka Castle that was once built, this replica shows the exact state of what it once used to be. The original Osaka castle was burnt down due to a feud between two dominant families that held strong forces in all of Osaka.

Make your way to the peak of Osaka Castle and feast your eyes upon the beautiful landscape of Osaka Castle Park as well as a clear skyline of the rest of Osaka.


Feeling convinced to have a taste of some of the best premium cuts of beef you’d of ever tasted in your life? Literally, the type that melts in your mouth the minute your tongue touches it! Or wanting to experience Osaka the way the locals do through taking a walk back into history in places like Shittenoji Temple or Osaka Castle Park?

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