What to Do in Pai Thailand (and what not to do!)

Taking a trip to Asia comes with both perks and surprises. The intense beauty and the incredible food, on the one hand, overshadows the cultural shock you might experience on your first trip. Thailand is such an Asian destination, where you will find yourself overwhelmed by the beauty and cultural characteristics.

Pai is a favorite among travelers in Thailand. It is just 3 hours from the famous Chiang Mai and is really right for a weekend getaway. Being amidst the strong heritage of Thailand, you will be better to know beforehand what to expect and how to enjoy the place. So this guide will help you in figuring out what to do in Pai Thailand without getting caught in the tourist traps.

Getting Around Pai


Walking is not suggested in Pai as the tourist sites are all really far from each other. So unless you are staying for a week or so and have the patience and stamina to explore on foot, you should rent one of these modes of transportation


Renting a moped is probably one of the first things you should do in Pai if you want to go places yourself. The attractions are spread out the countryside, and it comes recommended so you can visit the places at your own pace. It is very cheap indeed at 200 baht for a day, and you can find dozens of moped rental shops there.

Taxi or Organised Tour

For those who prefer taxis, it is best to go to a travel agency and get an organized tour. The price is definitely higher compared to the moped, but you can sit back and relax instead of finding your way around. Taxis can be rented for a rate of 500 baht per person.


It is not a common way to get around in Pai as a tourist as it is going to take you a long time. But if you choose this, go for a mountain bike for the rugged landscape. Mostly city bikes without gears are available and it could e challenging on the terrain. A bicycle would cost you 150 baht a day.


Top Things to do in Pai Thailand

Pai Thailand

There are a plethora of things to do in Pai Thailand, but it is definitely up to you to decide which one to visit. It is easy enough to see all of it in a day, but you would have to rush through them, and few are not even worth it. So here are our choices of Pai’s attractions that are actually deserving.

Yun Lai Viewpoint

 Yun Lai Viewpoint

Yun Lai Viewpoint is one of the best places in Pai to get a glimpse of its breathtaking landscapes. It is just above the Chinese Village in the east of the town. There is a tiny Chinese tea shop on the top, where you can enter for 20 baht a persona and get a teapot of Chinese tea served in a brilliant piece of ornate Chinese teapot. The best time to go to the viewpoint is at dawn or dusk.


Mhor Phaeng and Pembok Waterfall

Mhor Phaeng Waterfall

This Mhor Phaeng Waterfall is another one of the beautiful sites in Pai you don’t want to miss. With two separate cascades of water and many little pools to swim in, it is a real treat of nature. You can even enter one of the pools from a natural rock slide.


Explore Pai River

Pai River

Pai river is probably an underrated attraction. It is an excellent distraction from the central town and just perfect to take a stroll along in the evenings. The river is enhanced by beautiful bamboo bridges, and on the banks, there are traditional bungalows. During the daytime, you might even see local fishermen net fishing in the river’s current.

Pai River corner is the only rest area near the river. But it is an awesome spot where you can have a coffee, tea, beer or a meal.


Pai Walking Street Market

 Pai Walking Street Market

A visit to the local market is the most genuine way to know the local culture and enjoy the flavors. The Walking Street Market starts at 6 pm every night, and it is a treat. It is not that overcrowded, and the delicacies are mouthwatering. From fried quail eggs, Thai curry puffs, rice, and sesame seed pancakes and much more.

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon is the Grand Canyon of Thailand but on a much smaller size. The sunset here is acclaimed to be the most beautiful moments to see there. The view from the canyon is magnificent, and if you love to explore, then there are some dusty, stony elevated paths too.

Step Out of the Town Centre

Bannamhoo Bungalows

Much of Pai’s appeal lies in the countryside. If you could, try to get accommodation outside the town center. There are many budget-friendly and luxurious ones you can find near the hills and rice fields.

Bannamhoo Bungalows is one such resort located 3 km away from the town. Beautiful green corn and paddy fields surround it. If you have rented a moped, it is very easy to reach the center and still have a calmful stay.


Things to NOT do in Pai

Just like we mentioned before, there are certain attractions that have newly come up just to lure tourists in. There is no point in visiting such places unless you have time to kill.


Chinese Village

 Chinese Village

Chinese village has many shops selling souvenirs, restaurants and horse rides. You will be passing this when you are on the way to Yun Lai Viewpoint. If you are curious, you can step in on the way and just look around. But it is entirely unnecessary to dedicate a visit to this.


Upside Down House

Upside Down House

It is just a house, built upside down and yet again you can't even enter and see what it looks inside.


Pai Tree House

Pai Tree House

Just a traditional tree house which you are not even allowed to climb up and see. So you see that there is absolutely no point to it. All you can do is to take a selfie and swing in the “cocoon” hammock.


Wat Nam Hoo

 Wat Nam Hoo is a tiny village temple

Wat Nam Hoo is a tiny village temple built above a pond. If you have already seen Chiang Mai, then it might not amuse you.


Ride an Elephant at Thom’s Elephant Camp

Ride an Elephant at Thom’s Elephant Camp

If you are interested in elephants, it is okay to go. But it is not that appealing to the animal to carry humans repeatedly.

Pai is not an extravagant tourist destination. But its appeal lies in its quite laid back countryside. So if that is what you seek, then Pai wouldn't disappoint you. If the Asian charm has fascinated you, find cheap flights to Thailand at FareDepot. The discount offers we have for international flights are exclusive, and you will not find a better price anywhere else.