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Essential Travel Tips for Geneva

There’s no time like the present to take a winter getaway to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of Europe: Geneva. Nestled beside the Rhône, Lake Geneva, and the surrounding snow-capped Swiss Alps, this lovely destination is the home of countless international organizations, delicious restaurants, and a plethora of museums. It should come as no surprise that Switzerland’s second-largest city is also one of it’s most popular escapes. Come see all that this European metropolis has to offer by booking your cheap flights from Boston to Geneva today! 

Geneva has a TON to offer any and all travelers. From skiing, snowboarding, or hiking on the Swiss Alps to roaming the cafes, luxury boutiques, grand monuments, and museums, you will never be bored in this cultural haven. If you’re still not convinced to book your cheap flights from Boston to Geneva, keep reading to find out all the top reasons to go to this amazing city!

4 Reasons to Travel to Geneva

1.The Fountain: The breathtaking Jet d’Eau is Geneva’s iconic harbor fountain and is visible for miles in every direction.

2.The Lake: Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman, is located at the foot of the Swiss Alps and offers the opportunity to picnic, sail, and soak in jaw-dropping views.

3.The History: Geneva is a city that is rich in history thanks to being home of the Calvinist Reformation and being a crossroad of people and trade for hundreds of years.

4.The Beverages: It’s hard to get Swiss wines outside of Switzerland, so Geneva is the perfect location to sip on their Gamays, Merlots, and Montreux.

A trip to Geneva is sure to be a vacation that you will never forget. Go see what this postcard-perfect city is all about for yourself today!  Visit FareDepot for the best Air France deals from the United States to all European destinations before it’s too late!

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