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Essential Travel Tips for Korea

For travelers looking for a culturally rich and artistically lavish city to pass through while in South Korea, Icheon is one of the top places to book a wholesale ticket to, and here’s why: 

1.         Korean Ceramic History: Icheon Ceramic Village features three-hundred kilns and ceramic studios dating back to Korea’s last dynasty, Joseon. Here, tourists can witness pottery masters, experience Cerapia’s exhibition (The World Ceramic Center), and attempt at pottery themselves, an experience open to all ages.


2.         The Contemporary Art Scene: The Woljeon Museum of Art houses over one-thousand-five-hundred works of the finest Korean art from calligraphy, bronze works, seals, stamps, and other historical relics while strolling through the gorgeous Seolbong Park, a scenic stroll of garden sculptures by a lake.


3.         Festivals: Icheon holds two annual, local festivals that celebrate Icheon’s history in Korea’s rice progression and its continued artistic success in ceramics. The Icheon Rice Cultural Festival (October 18th - 22nd, 2017) and the Ceramic Festival (May 28th - May 14th, 2017) offer a much more cultural experience that celebrates the artistic and culinary history of Icheon.

4.         Icheon Termeden: The Icheon Termeden preserves the spirit of a hot spring getaway while also provides a stellar waterpark. Featuring myriads of heated indoor and outdoor pools and baths, Korean-styled saunas, and water slides during the summer season, the hot springs are a must go to after a long day of tourism.

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