Essential Travel Tips for Seoul

If you have been thinking about visiting Seoul and have shared the thought with friends that have visited before, chances are they will suggest the best dining and shopping spots in the city!

That’s the common notion that goes about this famous South Korean city, but the fact is that Seoul is much more than glittering shopping plazas, parlours and eateries providing hot Korean rice with chicken curry! The city has its rich cultural heritage and stunning scenic natural landscapes. It is a beautiful blend of culture, cuisine and cosmopolitan charm. Don’t think twice to add this city in your travel bucket list!

Every city has its own vibe and the moment you step into Seoul you will feel light-heartedness and a certain friskiness in the air. That is precisely, what the city is all about. Don’t be surprised if you find strangers smiling at you at the airport. People here are usually classified as the “happy go lucky” type! So as you step in here for your vacation make sure that visit some of the best spots in the city that are sure to make your trip memorable. Wondering where to begin? Here’s what the city has to offer:


6: Gyeongbukgung Palace

The Gyeongbukgung Palace is most popular historical attraction in Seoul. So don’t even think of skipping it! Back in history it used to be one of the major palaces of the Korean Joseon Dynasty being established in the 14th century. It was during the Japanese invasion during 1500’s that the palace was destroyed and was again restored 200 years back. The palace structure is huge to say the least. You will feel that you have stepped on to a park. As you stroll around you have a wide array of buildings to glance through in the garden. One the most favourite spots amidst tourist are the courtyard that is filled with several clay pots that used to store kimchi and fermented chilli paste.


5: The Cat Cafe 

Post a visit to the city’s historical or ancient spot if you are in a mood to experience something unusual then make it a point to visit the Cat Cafe. To explain in simple words this is a public place where tourists and even the localities are allowed to step for a couple of hours to spend time with a bunch of kittens.  People can play with them, feed them or just watch them sleeping. This is also ideal for travellers who are into photography and wants to capture animals on frame or make videos. However, this is only for the ones that are comfortable in such a situation.


4: The World's Largest Church

Yes, this is in Seoul. This is the Yeouido Full Gospel Church that comfortably accommodates as many as 1 million church members. Here you can be part of a huge group and witness the prayers and the serene choir music.  In addition to that the background is striking and classy. The Sunday prayer service is a must attend if you are planning to spend a weekend in Seoul. However, make sure that you are on time else it will be tough for you to attend the same, since there are so many people that arrive to attend the Sunday mass. Other than the prayers and the religious bit you also get to experience a part of Korea’s culture and spiritual core.


3: Bukchon Hanok Village

Situated in between Gyeongbok and Changdeok rests this famed traditional Korean village and has an interesting story. This area has been preserve to boast a 600 years old urban scenario that is composed of several small alleys and conventional wooden houses.  The Bukchon Village is popularly considered as one of the stunning neighbourhoods around the globe. From the traditional house art and decor to the overall ambiance there is something very oriental about this place. You will feel that you travelled to a whole new era when you are here. As you walk around the streets here you will come across small cafes, courtyards, art galleries, and quaint restaurants. Carry your camera with yourself as you will get plenty of stunning frames here.


2: Experience Views from Seoul Tower

Also known as the famous Namsam tower, this excellent construction dominate all over the Seoul skyline and can be traced from almost every part of the city.  Going up to a height of 240 meters atop a mountain, this tower records to be the highest point the city boasts of.  In order to get to the top of the tower, you will need to ride a cable car up to a mountain and then walk up to the tower base. You can buy the tickets and sometimes you will even have the chance to win the tickets.  Inside the tower you will come across a gift shop and two amazing restaurants. There are also four observation decks. From the deck that is on the top you get a panoramic view of Seoul which is worth photographing. If you are not able to reach this tower during the day hours there’s nothing to worry. The late evening to night view is simply spectacular and makes up for a great view.


1: Don’t miss the Korean BBQ

A popular cuisine delicacy, this is served in almost Korean restaurants.  A little spicy and available in a couple of variants this is something that every traveller must experience. The platter is scrumptious and is authentic to the Korean flavour and taste.


You can always step into the popular Namdaemun Market to get your shopping done to purchase the best Korean gifts and souvenirs. However, when you are planning your trip to Seoul it is essential that you book cheap international flights. This is so you can spend on your shopping and other on the indulgences in the city rather than on getting there.