Explore: An Insider Guide to Aix En Provence

things to do in Aix En Provence

Aix En Provence may not necessarily be one of the popular go-to vacation destinations when its competitors stand strong in city life, but it may as well be one of the places worth considering if you’re into a sight that isn’t mainstream.

With cafes and local markets along Cours Mirabeau to the museums and boutique stores, they are plenty of things to do in Aix En Provence no matter what your interests are or what you’re looking to gain out of a vacation.


1. Cours Mirabeau

A visit to Aix En Provence doesn’t really count unless you make your way to Cours Mirabeau. Albeit shady due to canopies of trees looming over it, you’ll find yourself three lovely fountains nestled here. Catch your breath and go for a walk in the streets of Cours Mirabeau as you take in the views of regal buildings such as the Hotel d’Arbod Jouques and the Hotel des Villiers. If you’re in need of taking a break, stop by one of the open-air boutique cafes such as the Les Deux Garcons or rest beside a market vendor selling local delicacies.

One thing you’ll definitely appreciate is the authentic atmosphere where both Old Town (Villa Comtale) and New Town (Quartier Mazarin) meet.


2. Museum Granet

Known locally as the Musée Granet, the Granet Museum features a refreshing range of artwork from artists such as Puget, Cézanne, and Van Dyck. In honor of the French artist François Marius Granet who shares the same name as the Museum Granet, you’ll find plenty of his artwork here as well.

The history of the museum is rather fascinating dating back to the 17th century belonging to the Knights of Malta. Learn about it all at the Musée Granet.


3. Mont Sainte-Victoire

Take a step into nature as you explore the vast expanse of Mont Sainte-Victoire. An inspiration to several of paintings created by Cézanne, it certainly is astounding with a unique pyramid shape which rises approximately 10 miles East of Aix En Provence. With a limestone base that reflects light so well as to give an impression of a fusion of colors such as gray, pink, blue, and orange, it’s no wonder why Cézanne found beauty in recreating the magnificence of Mont Sainte-Victoire in his paintings.


4. Le Grand Marche

To truly experience the local culture, a visit to Le Grand Marche is necessary. It’s essentially a provincial market that offers the freshest of foods and local delicacies. Have a quick bite at Place de la Madeleine or Place des Prêcheurs for some French sweet treats or check out the Cours Mirabeau for elegant garments and gorgeous clothing. There’s also a flea market located near the Place de Verdun offering a range of fascinating items or buy a loved one some flowers at the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville.


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