Explore Brazil on a Budget

Are you booking your flight tickets to Brazil this summer? The Summer Olympics are all set to start this August, so many are getting ready for their trip to the South American country and booking the best flight deals on FareDepot.com! Are you interested in learning some helpful tips for your future travels to Brazil? Keep reading so you can navigate the country like a local when you get there! 

Night Life Starts Late

You may be used to tucking in a little earlier than this culture will allow! If you’re out at 8 or 9pm and are wondering where the nightlife is, wait another two hours and you will join the party! Locals don’t start heading out until 10pm for a light dinner and drinks. The nightlife is exciting and full of dancing and music in Brazil! Book your cheap international flight tickets to join the party this summer!

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Eat and drink like the locals! A popular fruit in Brazil is the açaí berry, which is eaten in a lot of meals as well as included in fruit smoothies and drinks. Another popular breakfast and light meal item is pão de queijo. And of course don’t forget the churrasquerias if you’re looking for a delicious and hearty meal! These are the famous Brazilian steakhouses that offer a variety of different steak cuts, all cooked to perfection. And if you’re thirsty, you can try the popular Brazilian soda, guaraná that is made from a fruit found in the Amazons, or if you prefer a cocktail, how about a traditional caipirinha? A drink made from the Brazilian liquor, cachaças, sugar, and lime, widely offered and enjoyed!

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