The Myanmar Island Escape You Never Thought Of

Things to do in Myanmar

When you browse pictures of serene beaches, the ones you tend to envy are the ones that are remote with the offering of a private beach feeling. After all, beach holidays are meant to be relaxing and peaceful not like the hordes of crowds in Ibiza or the ones in Thailand like Koh Samui.


To truly experience the peaceful island holiday you normally could only dream of, our team here at FareDepot have found the hidden gem you've been waiting for - Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar.


Help! There’s no WiFi!

With the 21st century flooding us with technology and connectivity, you may think of yourself to be the kind of person who finds it hard to put your phone down. With reports of how too much electronic usage is bad for the brain with regards to radiation and all, maybe it's time to give yourself a break from technology and embrace yourself in Mother Nature instead.

An exploration of Mergui Archipelago entails unknown territories that many have not set foot upon. It's almost entirely off-grid and the concern of having no internet access is apparent from the minute you set foot on a boat heading towards the island.

For many of you, it will be a shocker having to set your phone aside as you can no longer connect to Facebook or post that Instagram selfie you've been dying to show your friends. The floods of worrying whether there will be first world amenities, air-conditioning, WiFi, electricity, and so on so forth start becoming overwhelming.

To answer simply, the island does have electricity, access to the internet is widely available at resorts, there is air-conditioning in most accommodations, and you aren't completely deprived of first world amenities!


It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Being less than 10° North of the equator, one would assume that the heat wave would be terrifying. After all, the heat and sun come hand in hand when you're thinking of a summer beach escapade.

But to much delight, being surrounded by the Andaman Sea has its perks with amazingly fresh sea breezes wafting through the air. The sun still shines and you'll still enjoy a good tanning session but to the favor of your comfort, lovely refreshing breezes will make the heat that much more bearable even if you intend to spend the whole day at the beach.

To the surprise of most, the island isn't as deserted as you may think. In fact, there are a few bays of the island is enclosed off for the development of luxury resorts. With the island slowing opening up to visitors searching for beautiful beaches, great tropical diving spots, and a water adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are hoping to venture out into the sea by way of a canoe, a kayak, a jet ski, a boat, with snorkeling equipment, a diving suit, or something just as adventurous, Mergui Archipelago has it all!

Being a tropical climate, Mergui Archipelago has an underwater attraction you would only be able to find in zoos of the Western World. Tropical fishes are aplenty with bright colors and flares that will persuade you to prepare for some underwater photography equipment. Not to mention, the island is home to a variety of shark and stingray species too making the marine life breathtaking to witness. The corals here bear colors that resemble the Great Barrier Reef with the major difference of not being disturbed by a horde of tourists. So whip out your GoPro or even bag your phone in a waterproof case and capture the beauties of the underworld!

What makes this beautiful island, well, a beautiful place to be, is the fact that the Mergui Archipelago is, in fact, one of the least visited places on planet Earth. And that is no understatement. With over 800 islands making the archipelago region, the tourist influx has yet to hit the island’s best spots although there has been a recent opening of more foot traffic and sightseeing.


Getting By and Exploring


It is possible to find yourself a cheap flight to Myanmar so long as your research skills are decent. If you'd like to skip the difficulty and set your research to easy mode, we recommend using the Fare Depot flight search portal which compares the cheap flight routes to any destination of your choice. Once you have touched down in Myanmar, you will need to take a connecting flight into Kawthaung Airport and arrangements must be made with a guide or travel agency on making your way to the Mergui Archipelago as it involves travel by boat.

Due to the lack of tourism displayed here, the main island where ecotourism prospers is Boulder Island. There are island safaris which are run by tour groups that come at an affordable price. Some of these excursions offer 5 days of island hopping excursions and cater for a slow and easy travel allowing you to enjoy your beach time, swimming, and other water adventures. If you are into throwing out a hook, some of the locals can recommend awesome night fishing spots that will land you some prize fishes.

From exploring the untouched mangrove jungles while sitting in a kayak to wandering around villages filled with indigenous people of the Moken tribe, you will find yourself quickly immersed into a culture and environment which has been neglected from the technological 21st century.

Majority of the beaches you find here at the Mergui Archipelago share one thing in common. There isn't a single person in sight. Now that's true peaceful bliss when it comes to a beach holiday.

If you feel like you are in need of the most peaceful beach holiday of a lifetime, Mergui Archipelago is the perfect place to be. We recommend using our FareDepot flight search website to find cheap flights to Myanmar. If the Mergui Archipelago is the only place you intend to visit in Myanmar, it is wiser to find yourself a cheap airline ticket to Bangkok and travel by flight, bus, or train to Ranong (a border town of Thailand). The Mergui Archipelago is located approximately 40 miles from both Ranong and Kawthaung. From there you could find yourself a travel deal with a guide or service that will take you to and fro the Mergui Archipelago.