Explore: Discovering the Australian Outback

things to do Australian Outback adventure

If there’s one thing Australia is well-known for, it’s definitely the Australian Outback. With classic Australian Outback animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, emus, cassowaries, crocodiles, koalas, possums, and plenty more, the attraction of chancing upon these animals in the Australian Outback is a dream for many.

Although there is no standard Australian Outback map aside from the fact that the Australian Outback landscape is extremely vast leaving room for only your wildest imaginations, the most popular places of the Australian Outback are as follows.


Alice Springs

Being the heart and soul of the Australian Outback, Alice Springs is the most popular destination to visit when venturing here. It’s basically the base for exploring due to its central location in the Australian Outback as well as being centralized throughout Australia.

Alice Springs Desert Park can be found here which boasts the opportunity to explore the Australian Outback in the safety of the experts. Walk the deserts, explore the Aboriginal culture, and absorb the peace and quiet of the Australian Outback!


Ayers Rock

Also known as Uluru Rock in the native Aboriginal language, Ayers Rock is known to be the most popular tourist attraction in all of Australia. Remember those fridge magnets or postcards of an attraction site in Australia? Chances are, it’s a picture of a big red rock called Ayers Rock!

Here you can find yourself learning about the traditions, culture, and stories of Dreamtime. It’s also home to the infamous Ayers Rock Resort which lies at the gateway of Uluru.


Kings Canyon Australia

Commonly referred to as Watarrka by the Aboriginals, it’s 350 kilometers away from Alice Spring and roughly 300 kilometers from Ayers Rock. Some tourists have even said that Kings Canyon Australia has a spectacular image that outdoes Ayers Rock.

Why don’t you be your own judge of that by exploring these two magnificent attractions here at the Australian Outback?


Lake Eyre

Known as the largest salt lake in all of Australia, Lake Eyre has been voted as one of the best travel experiences for many tourists who enjoy nature. Lake Eyre is Australia’s lowest natural point being roughly 15 meters below sea level as well.

The visual aesthetics offered by crystal clear waters are dependent on the weather such as rain or river flows from North East of Queensland.

In other words, it’s rare that Lake Eyre fills up as it offers more of a vast pan of salt. On the occasion where it does fill up, the shallow pools of water reflect the skies above with photographers even capturing pictures of Venus in its reflections.


Coober Pedy Australia

Are you the kind of person who just can’t get enough of the opal craze in Australia? Well, the Coober Pedy Opal is one of the most beautiful opals offered in all of Australia making Coober Pedy the Opal capital of the World!

It’s situated around halfway in between Port Augusta and Alice Springs attracting thousands of tourists every month simply due to its opal haven. Coober Pedy also offers a unique underground accommodation experience for those who wish to explore the Australian Outback the way not many others have experienced before!

The Australian Outback is an amazing expanse of exploration yet to be discovered. Maybe you’ll be the next person to find a mysterious fossil here or stumble upon an undiscovered treasure of opals at Coober Pedy! It’s time to visit Australia for an experience of a lifetime and to help you accomplish this, we here at FareDepot are offering you the chance to find cheap flights to Australia today!