Explore: Top 3 Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

TripCorner: Explore: Top 3 Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

Explore: Top 3 Hiking Trails in Hong Kong


Victoria Peak Hong Kong hiking trail

If you’re of the opinion that Hong Kong is just a metropolitan city full of shops and busy bustling streets, you’re quite wrong. Being an island, it draws a lot of scenic views and rather hilly hikes that will amaze even the most seasoned hikers.

Here are 3 of our favorite Hong Kong hiking experiences that will allow you to feast your eyes on beautiful Hong Kong mountains, nature of both flora and fauna, and a good peaceful exercise during your vacation.


1. Dragon’s Back Hong Kong

Approximate distance: 8.5 kilometers

Being influenced heavily by culture and tradition, the Dragon’s Back hiking trail reflects this in both its name and appearance. It’s a very calming and serene Hong Kong trail that is forgiving to even new hikers who haven’t had much experience in hiking in Hong Kong.

The Dragon’s Back Hong Kong has been hailed as Asia’s “best urban hike” in the Time Magazine and is Hong Kong’s most iconic and popular hiking trails.

Explore the paths of nature through groves of bamboo looming above you as you make your way into woodlands filled with nature of beautiful butterflies and dragonflies soothed by the chirping of birds. Once your path through the woods end, you will be exposed to an open hillside covered with some of the most amazing wild azaleas and rose myrtles. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Whether you’re hoping to fly a kite undisturbed or to explore a more adrenaline-pumping activity such as jumping off the mountain to yonder the great expanse with a paraglide, the Dragon’s Back Hong Kong trail is a great place to start your hiking adventures in Hong Kong.


2. Victoria Peak Hong Kong Trail

Approximate Distance: 4 kilometers (main area)

Known locally as Hong Kong The Peak trail, the Victoria Peak hiking experience is definitely one for the books. If you’re hoping to escape the hordes of people in Hong Kong that are centered in the city, Victoria Peak is a great way to get away without having to travel too far to escape.

There’s also a Victoria Peak Tram Hong Kong that links all the way to the peak of the hill allowing you to explore the hiking trails at a quicker pace. Alternatively, you could commence your walk from the base of the hill should you be an eager beaver to have your legs walking!

The Victoria Peak Trail is suitable for all levels of hikers with more advanced trails branching away from the touristy spots on the peak.


3. Kam Shan Country Park Trail

Approximate Distance: 3.4 kilometers (main area)

If you’re looking for an easy hiking Hong Kong experience, while being distracted by watching wild monkeys and other fascinating local animals wander around you as you hike, the Kam Shan Country Park trail is perfect for you.

For those who would like more of an adventure or a challenge, you could also divert your path onto trails that lead to Kam Shan Valley and Shing Mun Valley.

Looking to explore the natural side of Hong Kong? It’s time to start preparing for a trip to one of the most scenic hiking adventures in the middle of a city filled with busy bustling life!


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