How to use FareDepot to find Cheap Last Minute Flights

Having to plan a trip the last minute is hectic as it is. Having to schedule a last minute flight with cheap airfare is even more stressful. But it doesn't have to be like that always. We have come to your rescue with tips on how to find cheap last minute flights using FareDepot. It does not matter whether you want an economy seat or business flights, we have extremely cheap flights for all your travel reservations.

As the most efficient flight comparison website, you will find it much easier to book your flights from our website rather than to go to each airline website and check fares. Read on to see how you can ensure cheap rates for flights.

1. Be up to date with New Systems

A while ago, rushing over to the airport might have got you a ticket on the plane, but now most tickets are sold out online itself. The only scenario you can bag a ticket at the airport is if someone canceled last minute or somehow the airline still have vacant seats. But it is for sure an enormous gamble.

So your best bet is to find tickets online however late you realized you have to fly. If you go to FareDepot’s homepage, it is pretty much obvious how to start your search.

The thing you have to notice is to select the flexible dates option. This could be useful not for your outbound but your return flights.


Once you have your search results ready, make sure to choose the results in your priority order based on price, time and duration. It would save you a lot of time without having to go through the entire list.

faredepot new system


2. Filter out your Results

Just like getting your results in the right order, filtering it out to cater your requirements are also equally important. Once you have reached the search results, you can click on the filter button to choose which airports you want to fly from and if you wish to have a layover or not.

Do not underestimate the power of using filters to get the right flight for you.

faredepot filter results

3. Always Be on Alert

One way to ensure that you do not miss any upcoming sales is by signing up for our alert emails. This way, you will be notified if your search has a sudden drop or hike in the price range or any particular airline is holding a sale.

On the same page, you can do this one the Airline’s official website too. The same will apply, and you can make use of this knowledge if you need to book a flight at the same time.

faredepot subscribe

4. Flexibility Options

Being flexible doesn't only apply for flexible dates. Choosing a minor airport or a budget airline might make all the difference for your international flight fares. Also, choosing odd times, which might make it difficult for you to reach the airport, could help you save few bucks. All these might mean you might have to make sacrifices on sleep or commute time, but you can always sleep on flights, and you will be able to save a lot.

On the other hand, if you are just spontaneous about a trip but is not sure where to go, explore our popular destinations to see which is the most affordable one. There are a lot of deals on weekend flights for many international destinations. Do not get to booking before checking these out.

faredepot flexible options

5. Do Not Go Overboard

We understand that you are desperately looking for last minute deals. But when you do that, the cookies in your browser are keeping track of it. This is why the flight which was only $500 a few minutes ago is not gone up to $550 or even $600. To avoid this, make sure you clear the cookies in your browser or just us the Private window mode of your browser.

Also, be aware of the fees airlines charged at the end of booking. If suddenly the price increases, clear the cookies and go back to your search again.


6. Use your Frequent Flyer Miles

There is a reason why sticking on to one particular airline is recommended. You will be their loyal customer, and you will have its perks. And booking a last minute flight is when these points will come to aid the most because you might not have saved up for an unexpected trip.

While booking via FareDepot, it is much easier to enter your Frequent Flyer Points. You just have to enter your Loyalty number and do not even have to go to the Airline Website.

faredepot frequent flyer miles


7. The Very Last Minute

Chances are, the flight fare might drop really low as the departure time approaches. But the odds of this happening might be high or low depending on the number of seats filled in the airline. So if you are looking to fly on a Saturday and did not get tickets even on Wednesday, do not worry, you might get a better deal on Thursday or even on Friday. Be strong and keep your alert emails on.


8. Seek the Assistance

At times, the agents of the airline can get you better deals that you might come across on your screen. First of all, they will not be panicking so they will be calm enough to find the right mail.

At FareDepot, all you have to do is to start the live chat and request a call, and we will get back to you immediately.
faredepot help

So do not hesitate to call us or start a live chat with us to find your last minute flights. We are always here to help you get the best out of all your flying experiences.


Finding flights is a tedious process. While there are few, who get into full on beast mode and get the flight, for others, the frantic search might be a nightmare. Now, we are assuring you, on FareDepot you will find the best deals for your international flights. Click on the direct link to last minute flights and use all the tips you learned now to get the best rates on your plane.