How to use FareDepot to find Cheap International Flights

Finding cheap flights is not always easy. You might be planning a last minute flight, or your destination might be a much sought after one. Either way with the numerous options out there, it is overwhelming to make sure that you get the cheap rates. But irrespective of whether it is last minute or months before, there are a few tricks that you could make use of to budget fares that you get the best deal for your international flights.

By using these features in FareDepot, you can be assured that you will always find the cheap airfare possible for your international travels.

1. Use the Search Tools

Faredepot is designed with easy tools that help you choose from many options and as per the flexibility of your travel. You can also easily opt the cabin style you want from economy to business flights while searching right from the homepage. Once you enter the details for the search, you can select for the list view or Air Matrix view for your preference to opt for your desired flight.
faredepot searchIf you do not have a specific date in mind but are just looking for cheap flights, you can enable the option for flexible dates in the advanced search criteria.

faredepot datesThe search results will immediately show you the cheap and quickest flights you can avail on both your requested dates and days closer to it. You can also sort the search results based on a  variety of categories like departure times and prices.

2. Use the Filters Wisely

At times, even when you are looking for the cheap flights, you would still have a specific layover airport or time duration for it. To see only these specific results, once you have a list of your search results ready, there is a Filter tab that you can use to select your particular choice of time and duration. You can also change the airports to see which is the cheap option for you.

faredepot filters

3. Sign Up for Alert Emails

FareDepot often has exclusive deals and sales on its airline tickets. Signing up for notifications will get you the exclusive deals and sale alerts that you would miss out otherwise. All you have to do is enter your email address, and you will be alerted with our best deal for your destination. It will also help you keep up with the changes in the prices of your search.

faredepot subscribe

4. Stay Up to Date with Social Media

Social networks are not just for following celebrities and brands. Following the airline companies’ pages and profiles will come in handy when they post about their exclusive deals. Airline companies might also conduct giveaways or have discount codes that you can use while booking your flight.  

While searching, you can also filter the specific airline to get the results.

5. Explore Your Options

If you are planning a vacation without having a specific destination in mind, explore the best deals for the famous international destinations on our website. You can easily compare the rates and see which is the most suitable option for you. You will surely come across some insanely cheap flight deals for the popular destinations.

faredepot international flights options

6. Check all the Options

It is a widespread belief that booking round trips can get you cheaper flights. While this tends to be right in most cases, there are also scenarios where a one-way ticket might come cheaper.

Furthermore, splitting up your travel to multiple segments with multiple layovers might get you cheaper international flights. People tend to prefer direct flights rather than longer layovers, reducing the demand for connection flights. If you search wisely adding the filters, you will be surprised at the price difference.

7. Use your Flyer Miles

Using one particular airline for your flights comes with its perks. You will soon be their loyal customer, and that will get you exclusive deals and alerts for sales.

This also means you will have some significant points saved up on the travel miles that you can use to get your international flights.

Now with FareDepot, you don't even have to book from the airlines' website to make use of your miles and points. Irrespective of which airline you use, you have an option of entering your Frequent Flyer information.

faredfepot frequent flyer miles

8. Make use of the Time

This is probably the oldest trick in the book. Yet, we do not use it enough. If you know where you are going, you can or should make sure to get tickets as early as possible. Wherever your international destination is, you will certainly be getting a considerably low airfare if you book ahead.

FareDepot will show you the cheap options for you to know when to plan your trip.

9. Wait till Last minute

At times, getting a good deal also means waiting until the very last minute. If you are ready to gamble, then there might be a few last-minute offers that might come insanely cheap. FareDepot has exclusive deals for last minute flights as airlines prefer a fully occupied flight. This could mean that if you are patient enough, you might get an incredibly cheap flight for your travel.

Signing up for the alert emails will ensure that you do not miss these deals.


10. Use the Assistance

In case you are not sure whether a deal is the best you can get, you could always seek our help and assistance available to you 24 hours. We will help you throughout the booking process and make sure you get the best flight deal for your journey.

As shown in the picture, you could either call or leave an email. Our assistants will get back to you right away with help you with your flights' bookings.

faredepot assistance

Nowadays, finding the right flight at the cheap rates could be a tedious process. But with these tips and FareDepot, finding international flights or even last minute flights at the most affordable prices has now become a lot easier. Besides, even if you are looking for business flights, it doesn't hurt to save a few bucks in your flight fare.

So go ahead and make use of our features to make sure you save up on your travel budget!