The Most Luxurious First Class Cabins on Flights

The difference between the rates of economy class and the premium classes are not a small amount. While the differences are a bit obvious, there are little things that miss our eyes that make the flying experience on luxury classes way more better.

It is not always about the style, but a queen-sized bed for a long flight could make all the difference. Today the airlines have brought the art of luxury flights to a whole new level.

Here is our take on the details of the most luxurious first class cabins that could put 5-star hotels to shame.

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad has always been one of the top airlines when it comes to delivering luxury. After all, it is the national airline of the UAE, where you can find the most and best of opulence.

Etihad has a wide range of luxury flight options that you can choose from. Their most extravagant one would be when you step on to your “First Class Apartment” on the flight. The journey starts right from the most classy airport lounges.

Your residence comes with an armchair, bed, fine dining and a lot of storage that would surprise you. But the best of all is your own personal shower and the toiletries and bathrobes that would come with it. It might cost you a minimum of $20,000 for a one-way ticket, but if you can afford it, then why not.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Who doesn't want to have a sound sleep on a flight? But it is not always that airline beds, even in first-class cabins can pull off the comfort of at-home mattresses.

Singapore Airlines has worked around this, and now on a few selected aircraft, they have beds that are 35 inches in width and 82 inches in length. These beds also have additional mattress topper to make it even better. EVe if you are not on the sleep mode, the wide seats are cozier than our sofas at home.

You can book a private flight suite on the airline from a starting price of $18,400 onwards.

3. Emirates


Emirates from UAE has definitely been playing around luxury first class flights for a long time. There is nothing that says common in an Emirates first class flight cabin. Emirates might have the best of the luxury bathrooms you might see on a flight. They come with Timeless Spa products and Bvlgari toiletries. As soon as you shower, you can get a glass of fresh juice to feel even more refreshed.

A first-class flight could cost you around $8000 one way.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

cathay pacific airways

When you pay $28,000 for a round trip, you definitely cannot compromise for anything less than pretentious interior in a first class cabin. However, Cathay Pacific has put comfort first and have achieved it perfectly well.

You get your own little pod that could be converted into a very comfortable bed. A personal TV, pajamas for the night, and a touchscreen that gives you entire control of your cabin do sound really good.

5. Thai Airways

Thai Airways

The Royal First Class private pods of Thai Airways make your flight as smooth as silk. It might not look all that roomy at first sight, but you have all comforts inside, and space is well enough for you to stretch your legs.

With your own flat screen tv, two pillows, a great amenities box, and first-class dining, the journey would be indeed enjoyable. A one-way ticket might cost you around $5000 from Bangkok to New York.

6. Qantas Airline

Qantas Airline

At &15,000, the First Class flights of Qantas can give you all the privacy you need on the plane. The seat can be stretched into a comfortable bed, and they also come with some pretty good amenities including pajamas and eye cream. The menu is exceptionally good too.

First class travelers can also book a preflight massage at the airline’s lounge spa before take off.

7. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has its way with luxury. Being the best international airline in the world, the service is impeccable. The luxury you would find in the country is reflected in the first class cabin too. The seats can recline into a perfectly fine flatbed, and the Sky Lounge is a nice space for you to walk around inside the flight.

8. AirFrance


The La Première option of Air France comes at a whopping price of $10,000 and above for one way. The private suites can turn your seats into a flatbed and with enough storage that can tuck all your goodies inside.

With a personal coat service and plenty of room, their first class cabin can make your journey delightful.

9. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

The Sky Suite 777 of Japan Airlines are individual cabins separated from the rest. The woodgrain finish gives an elegant look at first sight, and this classic style is carried out throughout the flight.

The private suite can double up as a cozy bed with its own 23-inch  LCD monitor.

10. British Airways

British Airways

The interior of the first class cabin on the 787-9 Dreamliner is strikingly beautiful. The cabins, though not entirely privatized, has a very comfortable seat, a personal locker and a touchscreen near the seat console. There is a footstool at the end of the cabin that can be used for dining.

A one-way ticket could cost you around $3000 dollars, and the food is quite good too.

These best first-class cabins elevate your flying experience beyond imagination. They definitely offer great value for what you are spending for a single journey. But one thing is obvious, when it comes to flying in style, the Asian carriers are clearly way beyond.

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