Best Flight Deals by FareDepot for March

Finding the best travel deals these days is kind of an art form. You need patience, luck and above all the right timing. The year is just starting, and you cannot hope for a better time to bag the best deals before they are sold off.

For those who are reading this, we have a top secret here for you. FareDepot, one of the best fare aggregator websites around, always offers the cheap airfare there is for international flights across the world. Working with top airlines and travel experts, we budget fares that our fellow travelers get the best out of every booking you make with us.

Today is just the lucky day for you guys. What you are going to find here are the best flight deals of March 2019 offered by us. Even better is the fact that these rates are not just for one way but for roundtrip international flights!

Take a look at them and choose your favorite one. You are going to want to grab them soon to start planning an eventful year.

1. From New York to Athens Under $500

New York to Athens

Flights from the US to Europe only for 500 bucks, that's definitely a steal. Not just any European country, to the city of Athens where the Greek civilization flourished. Considering how good the deal is, you might want to get your hands on this one really soon.

Find the deal for flights from Newark to Athens here.

2. Washington to Rome for $600

 Washington to Rome

There is no time better than spring to visit the blooms in Italy. Get a headstart for your spring break plans by taking a trip to the land of Italian pasta and culture. One of the cheap airfare for the month of March is this flight deal from Dulles Airport to Fiumicino in Italy for under $600.

We’re confident that you can’t find a better deal than this one here.  

3. New York to Rome, for Only $350

New York to Rome

This might be just the deal of the year. Seriously, all the way from the US to Rome for only 350 dollars? This is probably the most incredible flight fare you will ever come across this year, Fly from JFK to FCO for as cheap as 350 dollars to set off your spring break savoring Italian wine and posing in front of Trevi Fountain.

Check out the best rates here.

4. New York to Dublin for $405


This is excellent news for all the Game of Thrones fans out there. With the last season coming up in April, you might want to visit the mesmerizing sets of the show in Dublin. But hey, even if you have never heard of Game of Thrones, you still have to agree that this is a surprisingly good deal for return flights to Dublin. And with only 400 dollars to get to Dublin from New York, all you need is to figure out a way to take some vacation days.

All you need is to click on this link to find out more.

5. New York to Tel Aviv for under $600

New York to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv never goes out of style. The beauty of the Mediterranean beauty is within the reach of your hands just at 600 dollars. Now, flight across the oceans to land two continents away at such a low price, that is a new leap for cheap international flights.

Take a look at the deal here.

6. Los Angeles to Bangkok for just $400

Los Angeles to Bangkok

This is another one of the unbelievably cheap flight fare that takes you to one of the most exotic locations in the world. Bangkok is the gateway to the most fantastic travel spots in Asia. From Los Angeles to Bangkok in Thailand for 400 dollars is a bargain deal on any day. Say hello to mouthwatering Thai food, eye-inspiring temples, amazingly polite people and one heck of an experience!

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7. San Francisco to New Delhi for Only $550

San Francisco to New Delhi

March is one of the better months to visit New Delhi in India. The heat is yet to kick in and the shoulder season makes the expenses even cheaper. With a discount deal at only 550 dollars, you might want to strike off visiting Taj Mahal off your bucket list this year.

Purchase your tickets here.

8. Washington to Lahore at $864

Washington to Lahore

Lahore in Pakistan is one of the culturally striking and enticing destinations in India. 800 dollars to go all the way to the end of Asia is still on the cheaper side of flight fares. Give a chance to yourself to see the real Pakistan by taking advantage of this super deal.

See for yourself the best deals to Lahore here.

9. Los Angeles to London Heathrow for Only $400

 London Heathrow

If you have struggled to find a good flight deal from the US to London, you definitely know how great a deal this is. The timing is just perfect, the spring is pleasant and the tourist season hasn't started yet. This is your golden opportunity to get on a flight and enjoy some fish and chips.

Book your flight from our deals here.

10. Chicago to Poland in under $600


It is time for the Baltic countries to shine and Poland is in the top numbers. If you live in Chicago, then you cannot hope for cheaper flight tickets to take you to Poland. You should definitely use this chance and book this wild deal to fly to Krakow in Poland from Chicago.

Don’t waste any more time to book the tickets from the website.

March does seem like a good month for travelers. With such deals, your travel plans certainly seem a lot more possible. 2019 is yet to get many more such deals, every month of the year. Yes, you heard it right, every single month and it is only March now.

So even if March is not the month for you, don’t feel disappointed. All you need to do is to sign up for our alerts so you can get notified when similar deals come on our website immediately. Trust us; you do not want to miss them.

It’s time to Buy Smart and Travel Smart.