Where can you Fly with Cheap Plane Tickets

We are almost halfway through summer and there are still many eagerly waiting to take their vacations, But considering that the season is the busiest, the expensive flight tickets might be the one thing standing between you and your dream holidays. 


Most of us focus on finding the cheapest destinations that we forget to include the price of plane tickets. As we are all relentlessly looking for cheap last minute flights and tips on how to find extremely cheap last minute flights, one thing we forget is to find the places to which the flight fares are cheap. 


Especially when the temperature is skyrocketing this summer, you might want to look for places with comfortable weather too. With many new air routes and updated travel trends, we have curated where you can travel on cheap plane tickets this summer. 

1. London, UK 

London, UK 

Surprisingly, London seems to gain more traction this season with comparatively low airfare. In August, the flight fares come down around $500 on airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Delta on cheap flights to London


If London is your choice, then you might also want to know how to take a trip as a budget traveler. Here are our favorite tips on how to save money while in London

2. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Comparing the prices from last year, St. Petersburg certainly seems to be a top choice. According to many surveys, the prices have gone down as low as 50% off for roundtrips from the US. It might be just the right time to look at cheap flights to St. Petersburg, also factoring in that weather is going to be much pleasanter in Russia this time of the year. 


Also, the White Nights Festival marking the celebration of the midnight sun phenomenon is right on time in mid-July for you to bag very last minute flights. 

3. Florence, Italy 

Florence, Italy 

Well, do we really need to convince you why Italy is a good choice for summer? For those who have been looking away from Europe for this summer, the flight fares for Florence might come as a surprise. If you look past the heat Europe is enduring this summer, Florence is undoubtedly worth looking at, particularly when the prices are down almost 30% from last year. 


Florence is also the closest airport to Tuscany that shines best during the summer months. Once there, you can always opt for Eurail passes to backpack across the country. For your further reading, here are a few interesting facts about Florence for the curious traveler. 

4. Aruba 


The Dutch Caribbean Island has been on the radar of travelers for quite a while now. Having pleasant warm weather throughout the year to enjoy the beach vibes makes it attractive all the time. But that means that summer prices do not hike up too much in this season related to other places. 


Aruba offers good deals compared to other beach destinations in both the US and Europe. The prices also seem to lower as the summer is just before the hurricane season hits the island beaches by September. 

5. Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok has been surprisingly dropping prices in the summer of 2019. The ever so vibrant Bangkok is one of the cheapest destinations to travel from the US, not only in terms of airfare but also affordability in expenses at the destination too. 


The only problem is the summer heat, and if you are not used to the Asian weather, Bangkok might seem a bit uncomfortable place to spend a holiday. But around 50% price drop might definitely make up for that if you can afford a luxury hotel with what you save in cheap tickets. July and August also see the city dressed up to celebrate King's Birthday with colorful lights, flowers and other festivities. 


For those who are booking cheap flights to Bangkok, here is a list of the best cheap things to do in Bangkok

6.  Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas keeps embracing natives, and tourists all year round. For the same reasons, it is remarkable that the flight fares have dropped down for this summer. According to our reports, many airports are showing at least a 10% price drop to Vegas airport. There are many low-cost carriers serving the destination domestically and if you are lucky, you might just get a jackpot to the city that never sleeps. 

7. Alaska 


Alaska is a much-coveted summer destination. Whether it is for the breathtaking landscapes at the Denali National Park or for your love of the outdoor adventures like hiking or sailing, Alaska will absolutely sweep you off your feet. So you certainly do not want to miss this opportunity to get cheap flights to Alaska this summer.


The deals are pretty good for July and August on flights from the West Coast to Anchorage.  If you are flying domestically, you might get a deal as low as $200 which is a splendid one for this time of the year.  

8. Madrid, Spain 

Madrid, Spain 

The heat wave does seem to have lowered the hefty flight fares to Spain this summer. But if you can manage it, use this time to get the best deals that Madrid has come across in a while now. Not only the flight prices, but even the other expenses also seem to have gone down owing to the high temperatures. 


9. Portugal 


With the introduction of non-stop flights from Washington DC, San Francisco, and Chicago, Portugal is set to welcome travelers with much-reduced flight fares. The added convenience of Portugal being one of the cheapest destinations in Europe is another huge merit for the country. Take a look at what the budget airlines fo Europe has to offer for cheap flights to Portugal this summer. 

Now that we have told you where to book the flights to, let us get into where you can find these flights. Luckily, you are already at the right place. Look for the cheap international flights offered by FareDepot to avail the best summer deals of 2019!  You are sure to find some great offers that will make you want to take that much-needed vacation right away!