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Free Activites in Barcelona


There’s so much to love about Barcelona, from the beautiful attractions, to the local cuisine. However, most travelers are unware that you can explore Barcelona on a budget. Below are a few free attractions to experience while you are visiting the great city of Barcelona. Also, don’t forget to save money by booking your cheap business class flight to Barcelona today!

Enjoy a Barcelona Beach

Explore the local beaches for a relaxing and free activity. Be aware, Barcelona beaches can get pretty cramped with tourists. However, quiet spots exist. Wander and explore the local beaches to find more secluded areas.

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Explore the City with a Free Walking Tour

A free walking tour is a great way to see the city without spending a fortune. There are plenty of local companies in Barcelona that offer free walking tours. Learn about this great city by foot and save your cash for the local cuisine!

Visit the Museo Picasso

Dive into the life of the iconic Spanish artist at the Museo Picasso. Enjoy extensive collections of his work all without pay a hefty admissions fee. On the first Sunday of every month, entrance is free to the public!


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Cheap Business Class Flight to Barcelona

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