Airport Tips to not Get Lost in International Airports

Living in a city comes with its own ups and downs. One perk is that you can get flights to almost all destinations. On the downside, you might have to keep aside a couple of hours extra just to get through the international airports.

Some of the busiest airports in the world are in big cities. If you are always traveling in one particular airline, you might know how the system works by heart. But if you occasionally choose a different airline and God forbid, its the high season, the airport is going to be swamped by tourists, and it is just going to make things worse.

And if you happen to be a tourist, then these big international airports would literally make you feel like a maze runner.

Before you let out that familiar sigh of frustration, calm down and make notes in your head while reading through the airport tips we have for finding your way in international airports.

Get the Information Right

Airport Terminals

First things first, make sure you have all the information correct, Double and triple check if needed, let us tell you why.

Many cities tend to have more than one airport. Now, these airports are not exactly going to be inside the city, but at the two extreme ends of it. So if you are at the wrong airport, the chances are that you are going to have to get to the other end through the hectic traffic and you might not make it in time.

Budget Airlines like Ryanair, chooses domestic airports that let them sell air tickets at much lower prices. So you have to check for the airport correctly and the timing of the flight. The check-in time for different airlines would be different, and all that has to be taken into consideration to calculate the time you would need.

Know the Airport Terminals

Airport Terminals

Most cities also have shuttles from the city center to the airport; it might be trains or buses. Now the thing is, this transportation might only go to one particular part of the airport. Hence you have to figure out how to go from that part of the airport to your flight terminal. The other case is that you were not aware of the multiple stops and you get down at the wrong one.  

When this happens, it is almost impossible to find your way if you are in an unfamiliar place or underground in subway stations. You definitely have to seek the help of someone, and if you miscalculated the time, you would really be risking it.

In such scenarios, consider whether walking a few kilometers inside the airport or getting a taxi to your terminal directly is better. Consider how much luggage you have and whether there is another way to access the terminal.

You could also download an airport terminals map or even print one for reference.

Checking in

Airport Terminals

These days, airlines do allow online check-in. They are doing that for a reason. So you might as well do it and not leave things to chances. It lets the airline know that you are coming even if you are a bit late.

If you have nailed the art of traveling light, you might as well skip the lines. There is a common tendency for people to choose the first check-in line they see or the ones in the right. Pick a line at the far end or the one closer to priority lines. If that is empty, you might be able to switch lines and get through.

Ask politely to get a Fragile tag for your check-ins to ensure your bags are handled with more care.

Breeze Through Security

Security check-ins

Security check-ins could easily be the worst thing in airports. No, the worst thing is flight cancellations. Ok, the second one then. It might all depend on the people standing in front of your line too.

How much ever we are used to the steps, people always tend to wait until they reach the end to get rid of things from their bags and remove dozens of coins. Don’t be that guy. You already know the drill. So remove your wristwatch, accessories, belt,  and jacket while you are simply waiting in the line. This will make things much easier for everyone in the line. Wish the guard politely and if they ask you do to do something, oblige and don’t question them.

At the Gate

Security check-ins

You have made it this far, now all you need to do is kill a few hours before they start the boarding. It is not the longest commercial flight that would tire you out, and it is the never-ending wait at the airports.
If you are a work-oriented person, you might have some serious work to do. Or else make use of the airport wifi and stream. You could even download something to keep you occupied on the flight too.

If you are one of those lucky ones with access to airport lounges, use the perks and pamper yourself a bit.

The key here is not to get too engrossed in your smart devices and lose track of time. In fact, this is one of the top reasons for people missing their flights. Don’t nod off too. If you re sleepy, keep an alarm to avoid the risk.

People usually get hungry around this time, so you might want to plan ahead and get some snacks unless you want to pay double the price in airports for the same bar of chocolate. If you are traveling with kids, make sure to pack some toys that could keep them occupied. Tire them out, and they would sleep like angels on the flight.

These air travel tips and business travel tips could prove to be more than just useful when you are panicking to crusade through a busy airport. But keep calm and listen to FareDepot, you are going to be all good.

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