Guide To Beating Jetlag

Guide To Beating Jetlag

Trying to get past the struggle of jetlag to enjoy your trip is a hard fight, but not an impossible one, with these tips! 


1. Adjust your schedule

Prepare a couple days beforehand by sleeping earlier or later depending on the timezone you’ll be moving into. By the time that you arrive at your beautiful destination, you’ll fall into line with the rest of the locals.


2. No caffeine, no problem

Caffeine actually stays in your system for several hours after consumption. Not only is caffeine present in coffee, but you also consume it in snacks like chocolate, protein bars, and even decaffeinated drinks. Our advice? Stick to water near the time of boarding.


3. Sleep delays 

The blue light emission from your screen disrupts your internal clock and keeps you awake. Tone down how many movies you watch, resist the urge to peek at your phone for three hours before getting some shut-eye.


4. Hesitating about wearing pajamas on the plane? Do it. 

While it’s impossible to control how you sleep on a plane, you can still remedy your sleeping environment. Get as comfortable as you can. Bumping up to a first/business class flight is worth the comfort, and we can definitely help you find very cheap tickets at FareDepot.

These are our top tips in the fight against jetlag. Take the first step in planning a comfortable, jetlag free trip here and book your tickets for cheap international flights and low airfares!